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Luck: Learning From Veteran Qb 'would Be A Positive'

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we can keep offense around peyton to stay competative and have a chance at superbowl, we can can our defensive shceme ,but draft defense in the next few years so when peyton do retire luck can have a top defense and good ground game now that we have to good full backs ryan mcaffarey, jerome felton and to up and coming backs in d.brown, and d.carter just have to probly restock wr and te if tamme, and pierre our not around?

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anyways. We dont even know who we are really gonna draft anyway. Polian and the front office ALWAYS end up chosing someone completely different then what we anticipated. How do we know Luck is not going to turn into another Brady Quinn and get drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round. lol. I doubt it will go that long but we'll see!

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luck is gonna be the guy polian know that all his success started with drafting the top qb,

bills - jim kelley

colts - peyton manning

colts 2.0 - andrew luck

lets keep the trend going

Add Collins in there with the Panthers, clearly he's not Kelly or Manning but he was good enough to get the Panthers to a NFC Title Game while Polian was there.

It's how Polian builds a team, he gets his QB and builds around it. He's not going to change his spots and I would bet his son probably believes what his dad does since that's who trained him.

That's why I laugh when I see people saying we should build another way. It's not the way Polian builds a team, and unless he's fired (which I doubt) he's not going to change his spots. If he think Luck can be as good as Manning is and he can get him you better believe that's going to be the pick.

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