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    • Last year I went to 4 games, some of the gameday gifts included a Quentin Nelson can cozy, a towel with Dwight Freeney's name and number on it, a car flag with the Colts logo on it, and a blue Colts Santa hat.  Then, I received a "For the Shoe" shirt and a Colts facemask at the Jets game this year.  I guess I just got a little spoiled with the cool gifts.
    • The East is a disaster 
    • Foles is a better QB than we have given him credit for. He’s keen on shedding the image he’s a relief pitcher and not a starting pitcher. He’s getting better with time and reps. Bills vs Patriots - those 2 games will show if they’re pretenders about division contention. Unfortunately their run D matches negatively vs Patriots strengths of running the ball. They’ve also come up short vs AFC heavyweights Titans and Chiefs so far.   Only the Steelers have the passing offense to compete vs Titans, Ravens do not. Their upcoming games will be very interesting.
    • One week makes a difference - where are the guys who wanted Cam and Andy Dalton for a box of biscuits?  Dalton looks like prime time Dalton, woefully inadequate.   I still firmly believed all along it was Reich not opening things up and calling too conservative of a game plan most of the time that didn’t help Rivers and the offense. Ironically, Luck was down 0-21 in the Texans 4th down failure game before things were opened up in 2018. Deja Vu???   Lets see how Frank builds upon this.
    • Winning against the bad teams is what more to happen 
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