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Colts @ Cowboys Game Day Thread

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Colts won and deferred? Is this like a one in a million thing for them or did they see the light?


Thought they usually receive, but I'll take it!


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    • Sure, I'm rooting for him too, he has some real issues to work through per one of my  previous posts.
    • I read a few weeks ago that Bucky Brooks reckons we are a better team with Brissett than with Luck--I wonder what stuff he is smoking.  We need to look for a more permanent alternative at QB.  At best, Brissett is a good backup
    • Are you talking playing "speed" in deep situations, as in he's slower to react when the play isn't in front of him, or his technique/agility?    Just seems like he's been written off as not being athletic enough, when his measurable are plenty good enough for a SS, and it's only really the 3 cone he falls short on when compared to a lot of FS which could be a indicator of not being as agile.    I like him plenty, and think we might have got another late round safety steal. On a side note, I didn't realise how good Bethea's combine measurables were. 
    • More Chad Kelly discussion. The Colts have been rotating ps players all season thus far. Especially rb and dl players. But Kelly stays. Who is out there that could be a better ps man than Kelly, another dl, rb, wr? If the Colts don't have plans for Kelly in the future, why keep him around? Is it just to help him stay out of trouble? That is very honorable, and I admire coach Reich for doing that. Because let's face it, the number ten guy on your practice squad isn't going to be the key piece of the puzzle to get you to the sb. I'm on record as saying Kelly will be here next season battling for the starting job.
    • The good thing about Hoyer.....   ... is you know exactly what you've got with him.
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