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lmao I'll hold you to it!


It's not looking good, but it's still early.  There is lots of time and a lot happens in an NFL game.  I'm not saying we will come back and win it.  I'm just saying the opportunity is still there



Yeah .. agree. I'm on the edge of my seat.

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Pagano cant go out there and catch the ball. Or tackle. OR TAUNT. Stop blaming the coaches.

Pagano should be responsible because this team is consistently not ready to go week in and week out. We can start slow like this and beat bad teams but not a team like Dallas. This game is on pace to be a historical blowout!!!!!!

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As if it wasn't enough seeing a shot of Jerry Jones every other play, we now need to see the same with Emmitt Smith.


Maybe CBS will switch to the Bills game for me....which we'll probably lose...

And I'm tired of seeing that corrupt fat pig Chris Christie as well.

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I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Pagano coaches like a bad Madden player in my opinion. Lol



In this argument, I have the advantage of hind sight. It absolutely led to 7 points for Dallas and therefore, it was a horrible call.


As a coach, you make a pro/con decision. In that situation, the con way outweighed the pros. There was no reason to go for the fake punt, and therefore, it was still a bad decision even before the play.

For what it's worth, I'm not a fan of Pagano.  I don't think he's a good coach.  But I don't think he's done anything to cost us the game today whereas the players have made all the mistakes.  So in one sense, I completely agree with both of you in criticizing Pagano overall.  But this game, I think he's been fine.


21isSuperman - il make it the car now aswell

haha Sounds good :thmsup:

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I want to lose every single game we play until this coaching staff is changed.....PATHETIC


And if Pagano doesn't pull Luck right now, he should be fired tomorrow 

Okay calm down, it's a football game. Don't wish for someone to lose their job because you can't handle a fairly insignificant event.

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ok. Time to talk about the future. The game is over so here's my thoughts on what has to change: As much as you guys may like him Dqwell Jackson has to go. He has been mediocre at run defense and an atrocity at pass defense. Jerrell Freeman is only a little better. Our defensive line is soft. We have no playmakers/bullies down there. We need a FS. Mike Adams is a beast but Landry can't cover and Sergio is not the answer. 

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Okay calm down, it's a football game. Don't wish for someone to lose their job because you can't handle a fairly insignificant event.

If Pagano can't do his job, he doesn't deserve it.


God bless you, sir.  Your optimism is infectious and the only thing making this game bearable.

haha Thanks.  Just trying to make the best out of what's been a really bad game so far


Take Allen out of the game.  It's time to bench him.

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    • No word on surgery hopefully that Is good. Maybe he can come back by the playoffs.
    • Depending on the severity this might be worse than ACL injury:   https://www.stack.com/a/meet-the-pcl-the-lesser-known-knee-ligament-thats-keeping-nfl-players-on-the-sidelines  
    • I agree, seeing MAC yesterday takes me back to 2003, Antonio Gates' rookie year. The other Chargers tight ends were a guy drafted the year prior named Justin Peelle, an undrafted guy from the season prior named Josh Norman, and the only veteran was Redkins cast-off Stephen Alexander, derisively nicknamed "Stephanie" for his penchant of milking minor injuries and rarely being available. Gates quickly established himself as the best of that group, virtually uncoverable and he quickly became Drew Brees' preferred target. Our wide receivers back then were nothing to write home about, but even as we acquired better ones, Antonio was a dominant force that had to be accounted for and the only person I  saw who could cover him 1 on 1 back then was newly minted Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu.    When Brees got hurt and went to the Saints, Philip took over as the starting quarterback and he continued to "feed" Gates, becoming the most productive QB & TE combination in NFL history with 89 TDs between them.
    • Didn't he kind of play that role his rookie year and he had 3 picks in 7 games?     I still think a lot of it was because QB's just didn't throw it his direction much.  You didn't see Hooker getting beat in coverage a lot. 
    • Absolutely.  If the Rhodes we say yesterday is the Rhodes we'll see the majority of the year then I'll be very happy with our starters.  I think Rock is going to take a step up in his second year.
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