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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I agree. The leash is certainly shortened if he misses in FA with a QB or stands pat with JB but I also think he has to been given a little more leeway than other GM's in his position. With Luck retiring abruptly and McDaniels backing out, the team could have easily floundered given either or both events but Ballard weathered the storm and kept the team afloat. Because of this, he has earned himself a little more credit in my opinion.   I'm of the opinion that he should take a QB in the draft (Love preferably but Herbert is fine too). Additionally, I would be fine with Rivers as a stop-gap for the next season or two as well. The Colts historically have understood the importance of the QB position and how much it means to a team's ability to succeed. Hopefully Ballard gets it right.
    • Agree, like I said, easier to drop than it is to rise because of "drills".   His drills won't elevate him (everyone knew he can throw dimes). His interviews might. 
    • A couple things. First, you don't typically see substantial rise or fall with QBs based on combines drills. And when you do, it's typically a fall rather than a rise (because of unexpected bad drills or interviews). And I'd bet more QBs rise and fall due to the private interviews than drills.   While everyone is getting moist over the way Love looked tossing the ball, everyone making decisions (GMs/Coaches) already knew he could throw dimes and has all the physical attributes. What is in question is decision making and his ability to learn/execute/recall. Both of those are interview items, not really drill items. The drills today only confirmed what most already knew based on all the film. And even the interviews don't really disprove the non-physical concern of decision making.   Second, if you agree with the above, it becomes a question about how others did, as much as it is about how Love did. Burrow and Tua aren't doing drills, and even if they did, it's highly unlikely either drop farther than Love might rise.   The only QB really in striking distance (for Love to pass) is Herbert. The concerns about Herbert are less (reads, progressions), and are not things you're going to see in drills either. He has less decision flags than Love. So the question really is, did he do so bad in the drills, or whiff in the interviews, that he will drop.    All the reports I've read have been pretty similar, and sync with what I saw... An that is the Herbert and Love were the best two QBs on the day. NFL.com actually tagged Herbert as the winner of the day. It's loser of the day was Fromm. Several other reviews were complimentary of Hurts, but he's no threat to Love/Herbert, and really in the third tier with Eason and Fromm. IMO, what was Eason then Fromm then Hurts, is now likely Hurts / Eason / Fromm. More about Fromm looking bad in drills, and Eason looking bad in interviews, than Hurts looking good though.    So after Day 1, Burrow, Tua, Herbert, and Love in that order, which is the same as yesterday.
    • He will most likely sit out 2020 and work on his mechanics and several other things and take over in 21.   I don't expect perfection either.
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