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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Tennessee schedule becomes very tough, Indy twice who always seems to have their number Ravens, 1 loss Bears and quickly improving Bengals..maybe 1-4 in those....ouch
    • Brees got offensive player of year that year, and threw for more yards and the Saints offense put up more points.  He and Rivers tied for league lead in TDs (both 34) with Kurt Warner (30), Aaron Rodgers (28), Peyton (27) rounding out the top 5.  Brees did throw 635 attempts and Rivers 478, which explains the difference in yards.  Rivers rating was a 105.5, followed by Chad Pennington (97.4), Warner (96.9), Brees (96.2), Peyton (95.0).... I think it's kind of a toss-up between Brees and Rivers for offensive player of year that year and think the fact that Brees got it is OK given that the Saints had the most explosive offense in the NFL that year and he was the leader of it.   Peyton got MVP.  Rivers had superior yards, TDs, rating, TDs and less INTs than Peyton.  Peyton had slightly better completion percentage.  Peyton won MVP because the Colts went 12-4 and he led a lot of comebacks.... the Chargers went 8-8.... so statistically, yes, Rivers was better than Peyton but in part due to popularity and in part due to Peyton's comeback wins and leading a team to 12 wins... kind of hard to argue very strongly for one or the other there (Rivers had bettter stats, Peyton's team had more wins and maybe relied on Peyton more).  Oddly enough, Rivers knocked Peyton out of the playoffs that season (the day after Peyton was named MVP).   The ProBowl that year was ridiculous -- and that is often times a popularity contest -- Peyton was starter (OK), but the backups (Favre and Cutler) and alternate (Kerry Collins) were ridiculous.  No way Rivers shouldn't have gotten the nod over them.   But yes, you are correct, Rivers statistically had multiple seasons where he was top 2-3 in the league and in 2008 it was clear he and Brees were the two best.  This shouldn't be a 3 page long thread, as it's not even an argument.  Rivers is a HOFer, undoubtedly.     If you dissect his stats, and really dig into his career - how do you justify not voting for him?   He'll retire in the top 5 all-time in passing yards and TDs.  He is an 8x probowler (would be 10 but he declined 2x as an alternate).  He led the league in passing TDs and had the highest QB rating, yards per attempt and TD % in 2008.  He led the league in passing yards 2010.  He led the league in completion percentage 2013.  He was 2013 NFL Comeback Player of Year.  He's got the 5th longest streak of consecutive starts in NFL history (in 3 more games he'll move to 4th all time).     He is top 10 all-time in yards per game (above Rogers, Roethlisberger, Eli).  He is top 10 all-time in passer rating.  He is top 10 all-time in passing yards per attempt and adjusted passing yards per attempt (top 5 in net yards per attempt).  He is top 10 all-time in passing completion %.  He's top 5 all-time in passes completed, though only 7th in pass attempts.  With 1 more 4th quarter comeback, he'll be top 10 in that category.       He is 13th all-time in approximate value - look at the names he is ahead of on this list: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/av_career.htm   He has never had a top-tier defense nor has he had a HOF coach (something Peyton and Brady for good chunks of their career, and likely what Big Ben has in Tomlin).  He is 5-6 in the postseason and other than 2006 (his first year as a starter) he hasn't been too bad in the playoffs.  He has a 2-1 playoff record over Peyton (2-0 vs. Peyton as a Colt).     In 2020, on a new team with a depleted roster (lost WR 2 and 3, RB 1, and has seen all 3 of his top TEs miss time) he has a 69.7% completion percentage.  He is in the top 10 in most wins by a starting QB all-time.     I have a hard time believing that Rivers doesn't deserve to be in the HOF, though I'd like to hear a logical argument as to why he doesn't deserve to be there or why you wouldn't vote for him.     He'll be in the top 5 in yards by week 10 and likely in top 5 in TDs by end of season (definitely if he plays another year).     And yes, Rivers was 2-0 vs. Peyton in the playoffs when Peyton was a Colt.  He also had a 7-2 overall record against Indy before he came here.  He had the noted interaction with Colts fans after winning here when they were flipping him off and he was chirping back at them.  A lot of people thought he was a whiner, etc... so no, Rivers hasn't been historically liked by Colts fans, mostly because he consistently was able to beat Indy.     Just curious as to why he shouldn't be... you're right, based on his career, he is a 100% shoo-in to the HOF.  
    • Cowboys whole O line is missing playing with all backups
    • Don't feel too bad, so did I. Also have Stefon Diggs and he's not doing anything. 
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