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    • Clearly you thought it was obvious.   Clearly you thought wrong.     As the reader, it’s not my job to figure out what you meant.   It’s your job to make your meaning clear to everyone.   Use an emoji, or something else to make it obvious.   And don’t blame someone else for your failure. 
    • Don't be a joke NCF. Only an Amateur would think they would have moved as fast as that poster was expecting. Clearly, i thought it was obvious. 
    • I was just sitting here pondering this in my head. I was actually happy with the Banogu pick but the first time i saw him in pads as a Colt i thought he looked more like a linebacker instead of a pass rusher.  I didnt actually see where we really even made much of an attempt to play him at SAM to say it was a failed experiment though. What i remember is they tried him at edge and they felt he showed enough as a pass rusher in practice to stay there. I dont think they ever did much to see if he could play any of the linebacker spots. We already had plenty of backers when he came in.   I recently i watched him doing the linebacker drills at the combine and he didnt look bad at all shuffling back and forth in space. He runs somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 to 4.6 and hes got nice size and length. I do think hed make either a really good Sam or Mike backer if the instincts are there. I dont think he has any problems with physicality.
    • Honestly, I don’t know who is the OC and how the responsibilities are divided up for the Jags?   I was only responding to a poster who basically implied those three were the offensive decision makers.   I think both have had enough success in the NFL and I think Meyer has a good offensive mind.      I think it will work itself out.   Just the way I think it will work out for the Colts with us losing our coaches to the Eagles.  I’m confident Frank will work it out with our news assistants.   There may be some speed bumps along the way, but we should get it right soon enough. 
    • That's one of the reasons for these discussion boards. People get some info, watch some game/tapes, pick their person. Others gather stats, watch different tape/games, get unknown before (to the public) medical data and maybe go a different route. Nobody is getting paid by the organization, and nobody is on the hot seat of losing their job if they are way off in their 'predictions.'.  It's fun conjecture and possibly sharing new information or at least different perspectives.  
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