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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • What the hell is he throwing at? I remember going to Kings Island and throwing 3 straight balls through a small circle at 10 years old. I was only 10 so I gave the huge teddy Bear to my mom  . The people that seen that could not believe it, they were shaking my hand and calling me a mini Terry Bradshaw , yeah that was when Bradshaw was popular  .
    • I could hold so many numbers in reverence.  I don't want to see anyone else wearing 88 because Harrison is right up there with Manning for me.  I didn't like seeing Walden wearing 93.  I don't like seeing Hines wearing 21.   But logistically, we need all the numbers.  Even 18.  I wouldn't be mad to see some rookie WR wearing 18.  I wouldn't like it, but I wouldn't be mad about it.   And I'm not mad about Harris wearing 12.  It's still Lucks' number in my mind, so I don't like it, but I'm not mad about it.  
    • 1.Colts have a little over $9m cap space left this season. Would probably take most off the remaining space to trade for him. We definitely need to roll some over.   2. Who knows if it was league wide knowledge the Vikings were moving him. Maybe the Ravens just hit them up and struck a deal.     Everyone seems to think they have all the Intel on this.   Doesn't matter if JB $20m is dropping off next year, that doesn't give us more cap space than we already have. It's already figured in.   The cap is going to drop quite a bit next year as well and we will need every $ we have.   Yannick would be nice but hes not in the cards.    Turay has proven to be a good pass rusher when healthy.   Tyquan is playing very well in his limited action this year.   Jury still out on Banogu.   Ballard knew 100%? You don't know that, and even if he did everything I mentioned above plays into it why we didn't go after him.     Armchair GM game is strong in this thread.
    • I know you are one who doesn't pin wins and losses on QB's but I know several Pitt fans and at that time they were saying 1-0 Ben over Manning. It is just how it is. 
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