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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread


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Vontae Davis for the game saving and cliching pick from Savage! 


Adam Vinetieri's 29-yard field goal for the Colts this quarter clichéd this game for their 17-10 win!


Colts both win their tenth game in 2014, and for the third straight season, in Andrew Lucks third professional season in the NFL, the Colts are the 2014 AFC SOUTH DIVISION CHAMPIONS!!!!!  :D  :cheer:  :applause:  :rock:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :blueshoe:  :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :D

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I think the motto for the entire Indianapolis Colts organization should be, "Luck is the residue of design"...Branch Rickey. From Reggie-Andrew-the front office...this quote describes this organization to a T! Congrats to the 2014 AFC South Champions...our Indianapolis Colts!

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I still find it incredulous that the NFL doesn't have professional referees.


I'm not sure what you mean?  They are the best of the best as far as football refs go. They are not full time, technically, but often have to spend almost 35 - 50 hours a week in prep for gameday.  They earn an average of near $175k this year, (with long time vets earning much more). The agreement (that caused the replacement ref saga) with the NFL will have that at $205,000 by 2019.  Here is the requirments to get into NFL ref school-


• Must have a minimum of 10 years experience officiating football, at least five of which must have been at a varsity collegiate or another professional level.

• Must be in excellent physical condition.

• Must belong to an accredited football officials association or have experience in football as a player or coach.

• Each candidate must furnish the NFL with a detailed copy of his officiating schedule for the past three seasons, listing dates, schools, location of games, and positions worked.


When the season ends, they go to their full time jobs.  Not sure how it can be improved.






Remember how bad the replacement refs were?  They were high school and lower college level refs.  Upper level refs would never hurt their (very quite small) chance at getting a look and possible call up to the bigs.  They have an Ofiicials Union, are graded, and their Union even contests the grading!




So if anyone has a better idea to further improve the process and result, I'd be glad to hear it.

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Great 17-10 win over the Houston Texans  once again by our Indianapolis  Colts with two games remaining in the 2014 regular season.  :)


I have a feeling the Colts might also finish with another 11-5 record along with the AFC South division title the Colts clinched earlier today.  Colts will visit Dallas for the first time both  in eight years and at their $1.2 billion AT&T Stadium. Also Dallas may enter the game with  a 10-4 record, and the Cowboys finished 8-8, in the previous two season.


Colts play the Titans in the season finale in two weeks, but are on a current six-game regular season winning streak over Tennessee, their last loss 27-10 more than three years ago back on October 30, 2011.  Titans have never yet won a game since the Colts played at Lucas Oil Stadium  - the building  - but the Tennessee last won a regular season game at Indianapolis when the Titans defeated the Colts by the score of 16-10  at the RCA Dome, back on December 30, 2007.


I know it's two more weeks, but I believe the Titans game is winnable, as long as Coach Pagano plays his starters. A Titans win would also mean a sweep of AFC South opponents within the division with a 6-0 record.


Thanks again to all the registered members  and users for participating here once again on the Colts Fan Message Board Forum.  We're see you here online for the next game with the Dallas Cowboys, I am sure will be an entertaining and very competitive game in Dallas.  In the meantime, enjoy your week, seek you back here in the Colts Game Day Forum, and as always, stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!!!!!   :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :blueshoe:  :coltshorse:  :coltsfb:  :coltslogo:  :D

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