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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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Wasn't sure you were going to join us

Greetings From TigerTown

Wouldn't miss this one, greetings from the Steel City.

Everything will be ok right?

Why no defer... Again!

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    • I think it’s possible that somebody can be “behind JB” and also concerned about our QB position.  It seems obvious that he was the best QB at our disposal after Luck’s departure.  And he’s still young and relatively green with plenty of upside.  And he’s played well enough in the first two games to get one good road win and almost two.   But, as far as QB rankings go, Luck was probably top 5-6 and Brissett is more like 17-22.  Recognizing that doesn’t make one anti-Jacoby.
    • Yeah, winning will get people behind JB I agree. Atlanta is a team that can score a lot of points. If we win this game, the momentum continues. Luck is tough to forget, I am still not 100% over him leaving but I have accepted it. I hope we win Sunday. If we don't the forum will be all over Ballard letting Kelly go.
    • I think everyone including myself supports JB.  It’s just going to take time for some to get over Luck not as the QB. Winning lots of games will cure that. I don’t expect Brissett to put up Luck type numbers, but at some point I know JB is going to need some monster games and carry the Colts to some wins by himself. Can he do that??? I honestly don’t know. However, he has a better offense than Mr. Luck ever had.   The scrubs you listed played on crappy teams for the most part. I don’t see the comparison with JB in anyway. Go Colts.
    • I’m disappointed with him being waived, but understand business is business. Didn’t expect him to beat out Brissett or Hoyer, at least not yet, but like what I've seen from him to this point regardless of who it was against.   How long before he clears waivers and the Colts can get him on the practice squad?
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