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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Most, but not all,  most teams use their smallest CB as the Nickel.   Why do you think Kenny Moore plays mostly the nickel?  He's roughly the same height as Rodgers.    Few teams want a 5-10 corner playing outside.   Since the nickel is only in on 3 and 4 WR sets,  odds are he's going to face far more pass plays and far less run plays.   If opposing teams want to run out of passing looks,  most defenses will happily take that.     
    • Well....    you still don't make honest arguments....   and you didn't even try to address your post about giving players a half season, when you clearly haven't.     But the goal line always seems to move with you.   The argument always seems to change...    You're good at that.    Anything to try and win the argument.   You'd rather the Colts do poorly and you be right than the other way around.   It's not that way with most people....    it's pretty obvious.    
    • Yeah....    this is about Par for you.    You can't make a good argument, so you don't.   Well, at least you know when to punt...  
    • Great info. Thanks!   I was curious about the above question posed by Dontevergiveup too. It seems relevant.    In addition, is there a metric that takes in to account whether the receiver got seperation by his own route-running, or if he was schemed open? In other words, did the receiver get the seperation by his own skill, or did the coach's play get him seperation? That seems helpful when determining if it was indeed the receiver's skill, or the coach's skill.   Finally, it seems that frequently dumping the ball off to a RB would increase the seperation numbers, as they rarely have someone relatively close by, and Rivers seems to do that a lot.   As someone not very computer savvy, I appreciate many of your advanced metrics posts. Thanks again!
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