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Indianapolis Colts
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    • On the first bolded, I absolutely agree. He lost so much from last year (OL, WR, RB, and coach), and his D is a lot worse. They are in catch up mode a lot this year, and asking him to do way to much.   On the comments about him making a mistake, I disagree. He's shown what he can do with decent talent, and with a decent OC (Yost), last year. Most reports said he was weighing a transfer to get back to Yost. At best, he'd just be replicating the season he had last year, which was very good. Would it raise his stock, maybe... but he's starting to trend middle of the 1st and either the 3rd or 4th QB taken. If he stayed in school, and he had a good year, best he is going to do is be second (after Lawrence), and he's lost out on a paid year. It's kind of a wash IMO if he does go middle first this year.
    • I would be ok, if we draft Anthony Gordon with our 3rd round pick     We could get the needed WR, OT, DL with our first 3 picks    Then let them all TRULY compete.   Let the top 2 stay on the roster....  to me, a back up QB NEEDS to be on the way up (potential)   I HATE the journeyman QB that you cant count on to win a game   Hoyer should be cut.   If JB cant beat out the rookie and CK.... HE should be also shown the door.   I was starting to wonder about JB after game 4. The loss to the Texans, where they had 3 of 4 starting DBs out, and we couldnt pass, is where I gave up on JB.  Every game after that JB has proven my point.    The guy does very poorly in the forth quarter, when average and good QBs tend to play better to help their team win.   JB GETS WORSE!   I like nice people and leaders, but if you cant do your job, even middle of the pack....  you gotta go.    I am officially OVER with JB as the starting QB of the Colts.......                
    • What is this kids ability to go through progressions and does he play in a pro style offense?   JB has a lot of great qualities as a QB but dear lord he is terrible at progressions and his delivery is a bit slow. I’m not sure JB is in the right style of offense for his style though, he needs more shifty types of guys that are short area players. He isn’t the go deep, drop it in the right window or in the basket type. Is this kid? Idk who he is.  I think what you are saying is that no young teenager to a young adult ever grows up, they do and if he has managed to stay clean and quiet all season, which he has seemed to do, I’d be willing to take a step into the bathwater to see if I get burned or not. Of course, Kelly would have to absolutely show me the talent on the field first for me to want to take that step. Doing it in practice against our guys doesn’t give me the same confound I would with in game play and adjustments by opposing teams. As a GM, I’d be willing to take on the risk if he has shown the ability to stay focused all year long and shown me the ability to play ball in this league in live fire. Hell, I’d maybe surprise him into a starters role this week just to see how he has been preparing himself all along. He has been placed on inactive roster every game so far, has he practiced and studied like a professional each step of the way? Would he be ready to go if we said 1 1/2 hours before the game, you’re our starter today? It could certainly be another of those milestone tests for him to see his reaction to adversity and if he has been coasting knowing he was not going to be activated or if he has truly dedicated himself to the playbook and his limited reps in practice. I think it could either show his maturity level both good or bad and allow the team to decide if he was worth keeping on the roster or not for next year. A lot of ways this young kid can go here. I’m not as down on risk with him as you certainly are. 
    • Peat, Alonso, Bell, and Robinson DNP again. Armstead and Jordan from DNP to LP  
    • I agree, but I still think the Colts have a chance in this game, if we are able to run the ball and keep Brees in the sideline.    Of course, they’ll have to play great defense (minimal mental mistakes in the secondary).     I’m going to the game so I hope it’s close. As far as Brees; he’s deadly accurate.     
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