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Colts @ Browns Game Day Thread


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I'm surprised the Panthers put up that many points.

Me tooooooo!!!! I was saying all week to them fans all week if you lose at home to this team which has been playing some of the

trashiest football of all teams you would be the laughing stock of the NFL.... Well!!!!!!  :number1:  :jump:  :excited:  :yes:  haha  :lol:  :funny:  :spit:  lmao  rotflmao  :heh:  :P  

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Reggie is a legend and i hate to be this harsh, but he was a waste of space on the field. It was basically 10 vs 10 on offense regardless of who covered him.


Really hurt us considering that we only had 2 WR's who could catch today and Joe Haden was always covering one of them.

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