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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Well yeah man.  Impression is totally and utterly objective.   But these things are not subjective.   JT has averaged 3.5 ypc which is .6 below league average. This is a fact not subjective.   In yesterday's, game JT average 3.9 ypc which is .2 below league average.  This is a fact.   In last weeks game, JT averaged 2.2 ypc and the other RBs averaged 5ypc. THis is a fact   In yesterday.s game, JT average 3.9 ypc and Wilkins averaged 4.4 ypc.  This is a fact.   Last year, the Colts averaged 4.5 ypc a whopping 1 ypc more than JT has averaged rushing the ball. This is a fact.   Fellow Rookie James Robinson has averaged 5.1 ypc which is a whoppoing 1.6 ypc more than JT.  This is a fact.  Robinson was also an UDFA.   Fellow Rookie Clyde Edwards-Hilaire has average 5.0 ypc.  This is a fact.       Now this is not a fact, but most people agree that Indy has one of if not the best Olines in football.     So yes the impression i get is mainly subjective but I think there is some evidence to back up what I subjectively see right now.    
    • Will Rock be ok against the Jets this next week? That really caught me off guard that he got sick before yesterday's game. The defense could be even better with him playing as well. That's the scary thing, he was out last week and we still shut Cousins down. Amazing what a great game plan can do from one week to another.
    • TY doesn’t need to worry about the typical but PR    If he continues to play dropsy his targets will drop 
    • I didn't say you jumped onto another teams bandwagon, I'm saying you jump off the Colts bandwagon.   Which is what you'll do if we lose to the Jets.  And then you'll hop back on the Colts bandwagon if the Colts beat a 3-0 Bears team, and then off if we lose to the Browns, and then on, and then off...   Like last week when you made a thread wanting us to "convince you to keep watching" as if the wheels had completely fallen off the Colts bandwagon.  Yet here you are all optimistic after a dominant win...   Your up-and-down back-and-forth posts make Colts fans look like fairweather fans.  And I don't mean that as an attack or criticism, I'm just letting you know that, as a fellow Colts fan, it's embarrassing to me.
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