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Colts @ Browns Game Day Thread

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McAfee with another tackle.  We aren't playing too sharp today

McAfee showing that kickoffs and punts in 36 degree weather are not like home sweet dome.

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    • That's all you got, picking on his conference? What about all the other stuff I listed. And it's not like NC State played a great schedule in 2014 and 2015. I think their best win was against a 4-8 Syracuse team.   It's not like saying JG has a higher upside is controversial or anything. He was drafted higher, was ahead of JB on the depth chart when both were at NE, he was in demand, and has better stats playing for a team that has a far worse supporting cast. He's also asked to do a lot more.
    • I think we r going to find out a lot tomorrow about Brissett and where he is in terms of being the Colts future. Texans r going to b tough.  I think they r a more balanced offense than the Chiefs. The Tunsil trade was a gutsy  move and is making O'Brien look like a genius.  I actually compare it to Ballard taking Nelson at #6. Both moves have seemed to solidify each teams O line.  The Texans front 7  is going to make a point of committing to stopping the run which I believe they can do.  This I believe will open up oportunities for the passing game and Brissett. It will b up to the passing game to take advantage of the Texans defensive game plan.  I think the Colts have to put up 30 plus to win.  They won't win by pounding the ball. 
    • He played at eastern Illinois.   Im guessing Jacoby would have had better college numbers in the Ohio valley conference.   He is doing a decent job on a team with a great defense.   Garrapolo hasn't shown anything superior to Jacoby at this point
    • Ballard won’t trade his draft picks. He is a build thru the draft guy, clearly. 
    • Way more prolific college career, drafted hire, current QBR and completion % are better than JB's, etc... He's got better touch, currently better at reads/progression. He's also doing it on a team that has a poor to mediocre supporting cast on offense while JB has probably the best OL in the league, and a top 5ish RB.   Belichick also obviously thought he had a higher upside.
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