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Colts @ Browns Game Day Thread

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McAfee with another tackle.  We aren't playing too sharp today

McAfee showing that kickoffs and punts in 36 degree weather are not like home sweet dome.

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    • I should  clarify what I said to lead off this thread.  When I said I was wrong I didn’t mean about Jacoby being the starter I meant being wrong about the lack of deep shots last week.   Overall Jacoby held his own against a really good secondary but the Colts let the Titans do exactly what the announcers said they would do if the Colts didn’t stretch field.  They sat on the receivers and took away the intermittent stuff and started stacking the box and that’s when Jacoby started to look really indecisive and was holding the ball too long.  He had about 40 yards passing in the second half.  That’s not going to win a lot of games.     Overall Jacoby has been about what I expected him to be, good enough to keep the Colts in games and give them a chance to win.  Still to take the next step he has to be able to go down the field.   it wasn’t all on the receivers either, the announcers showed a play where if he gave TY another second or two he was coming open on the crossing pattern but Jacoby dumped it off before then.
    • Still better then being a Titans or Texans fan. I'm not even going to mention being a Jags fan, that's just dumb.
    • There are HIGH SCHOOL kickers who dont miss extra points   The guy has been a legend   But....   He is ruining his legacy by trying to play even one more game.........  He is DONE
    • That was a playoff caliber win.  The team had to grind and grind hard to get just enough opportunities to lock this one up and it came down to Reich successfully implementing a good clock strategy to run the Titans out of time to come back.   Brissett... needs a little work, but he was good enough to win against a team that's probably going to be playing in January.  This makes me feel a lot more confident that the Colts will be in the playoff mix and can win when they get there.   I mean thinking in Superbowl terms I don't think anyone's getting through the Pats this year but if anyone does, it will be a team with a strong defense and a complete squad with no major weaknesses, and I think that describes us pretty well.  Anyway, we have as good a chance as anyone right now to be the team they meet in the AFCCG.   Very much encouraged by their ability to win this game.  This is a game they could have easily laid down and died after giving up their lead in the second half... looked like they were poised to do just that, then Reich and Brissett engineer a drive in the 4th quarter and then burn a lot of clock to help the defense hold that lead.  That was a signature win IMHO.  One that is going to help turn these players into a proper team, one for the franchise to grow on.
    • So you're fine with his atrocious kicking.    Gotcha.
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