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    • would of been nice in hindsight, no doubt.   I was on the fence during offseason, but once it became clear we would lose $30m+ in cap space due to covid, was most definitely the move to make in my opinion.     When I say $30m+, I mean the drop of $22m coupled with the cap expectation to go up another $10m.   $32m+ swing. Would love to have all that money going into next year for sure. This thread wouldn't be needed. Lol.
    • Definitely, but the top of the top FAs, teams will be wanting to secure their services. So teams will come out with good deals for them.     Should be fun, no doubt. Like you said earlier, glad we have Ballard, because we could be setting in real bad shape like some of those other teams if he wasnt so diligent with the cap.(again, not that we are in great shape, but no one is).   Jags are in decent shape though.   We have higher expectations going into next season though, Im sure a lot of those teams wont even worry about being to competitive.
    • Yep.   this is where cutting or trading JB would have been a good move after signing rivers. We could have rolled that extra 16 mil on top of the 10 million and been able to take that with us in the tightening cap. 
    • Ive never read they knew about it last week, earliest I could find was Saturday (Hope it is true but couldnt find it anywhere) and no report the contacted anyone to put in protocol that I have seen (Again sure hope I am wrong, hoping for M King).
    • Given the sheer number of players and teams this will affect, you’re not going to see the mega contracts like you did the last two or three years. It’s going to force players to either get out or sign lower priced deals. Period.    espn had an article earlier this week, I’ll see if I can find it, basically when it comes to options, pretty much any team over the cap more than 15-20 million, which is roughly 6-7 teams, will have very few options. The worst two, Saints and Eagles have basically two options realistically, cut players or convert those salaries to cash, when equates to roughly 100 million out of the pockets of the owners. I think the latter option is going to be hard to swallow. That’s a lot of money even for billionaire team owners to fork over all at once.    there’s likely to be more vets cut, good Vets than in years past. But then some dead money will roll over to future years. Will be interesting indeed
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