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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Yeah there were tickets put on sale to the general public for the Jets game and they are still available
    • Can't overlook any opponents in the NFL.
    • How would ANYONE know?   Seriously!?!    How could anyone know NOW?   Blackmon has played ONE GAME?   That’s not enough for anyone to know? Hooker was said to have looked good in camp.   If it’s worth anything he certainly said all the right things, like wanting to be a Colt his whole career and have his family live in Indianapolis.    I think the odds are good that Hooker and Mack Get one year offers to stay in Indy and re-establish their careers.  Ballard tried to do similar things with guys like Geathers.  So it’s not unreasonable to think he’d do it with these two respected players. 
    • My point isn't that Herbert or Love is perfect for the Colts my point is at some point QB needs to be addressed - its literally inevitable. Ballard had the prime opportunity to address it this year with reasonable draft capital and he didn't (getting to 5 from 13 is way cheaper then from 23 or 26). Not addressing QB this year is, in fact, addressing the QB position.  No matter how valuable DT is to this team it will never be on the level as QB. In my mind, Ballard chose DT over QB and time will tell if that was right or wrong.    One other thing, how many QBs work out in general? I think that's a copout response (not aimed at you, in general). If you assume a quality starting QB lasts for 10 years that means the league only has room to incorporate 3 QBs per year - 3. To support that point, of the 32 QBs starting right now only 2 draft years are there more than 3 players starting QB that were drafted in the same year - 2018 and 2019 which are on rookie deals. Its not just QBs are hard to find, its hard to find spots for QBs.  
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