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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think his value will go down as soon as they sign Brady.  If they want value they need to trade him first.  For him to post those pictures pretty much signals he knows whats coming and he's ready to move on.  
    • I never said I wanted him to lose weight. If you look at combine pics, and compare them to now, he's "thicker", and IMO, that's what is most important. Given his body type, I don't see him putting on bad weight. It'll all likely to be good muscle development.
    • After watching this past years Saints and the last Jags game, i find it laughable that Ballard / Reich is MUCH higher on him than anyone else. Maybe as a friend or good guy but definately not an NFL QB. By the way, are you related to JB by any chance.
    • I wouldn't do it either (pay 50). But... If I truly thought Teddy was the future (folks keep harping on his 5-0 and saying he's ready), then I'd pick Teddy and let Brees walk like Irsay did Manning. They aren't that confident in Teddy to make that move, so Teddy will walk. It isn't loyalty to Brees, it's that Brees is simply much better than Teddy, even at his age.   If they really wanted to keep them both, they could offer terms to keep them lower than 50 though. Brees could do a Brady and take 20 for one or two years, and they could offer Teddy a long term contract that gives his him a little more the years Brees is there, and give him accelerator clauses similar to what he had last year ( 50% offensive snaps + playoff birth: $2.5M), but with a much higher accelerator. In short, I think the "interest" level in Teddy is exaggerated anyway, and so is his "skill" Doubt he signs for 20, and if he does, doubt he performs. We'll see. 
    • I’d be okay with that. Sometimes Geno would be the only entertaining to watch on Bengals game day.
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