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WOW! Luck Just Named AFC Payer of the Month!

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In the AFC, Andrew Luck earned AFC Offensive Player of the Month after four pristine weeks of play that saw his Colts maintain their lead atop the AFC South.

Luck hit on 88 of 144 passes for 1,280 yards with 12 touchdowns and just two picks. Despite losingAhmad Bradshaw in the backfield, Luck only grew stronger through the air, throwing for 400, 393 and 370 yards over his past three outings. During those games his touchdown count increased each week with three, four and five scores, respectively. :applause:

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Luck is passing for 334.25 yards/game and at that rate is on pace to 5,348 yards.  This would put him 3rd all time for single season passing yards (behind Peyton 5,477 and Brees 5,476 and above Brady's 5,235).


He needs to average 366.5 yards/game over the next 4 games to break the single season record. 


The first go-round against Tennessee, Luck passed for 393 yards and the first go-round at Houston, he passed for 370 yards. 

Cleveland is 8th in the league and is allowing 227.9 yards/game passing against them, while Dallas is 20th in the league and is allowing 244.5 yards/game passing against them.


It will be very tough to pass for over 366.5 yards/game from here on out, but the fact that we've got Houston at home and Dallas away means that we'll have at least 2 games with good weather.  Cleveland is supposed to be in the mid 30's this Sunday and looks like there could be some crappy field conditions if it rains all Saturday with a chance of rain on Sunday -- so it might be difficult to put up a lot of yards against them. 


I think for sure, Luck will be able to pass for over 306 yards per game to put him past Brady and move him into 3rd all time for most passing yards in a single season.  He has a chance to go for over 366.5 yards/game to surpass Peyton and Brees, but I think that will be difficult and is probably doubtful at this point.  Sure would be cool to see a 3rd year player break that record, though.

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No way he should have gotten it.  We play in the AFC South...GRRRR



Touche Brent. This ridiculous argument always used to make me mad, but now I simply view it as AFC South competitor jealousy among Tennessee & Jacksonville fans.


It's not INDy's fault that they come up short annually. It's lonely at the top of the division mountain for a reason. You've gotta take the crown by force.  

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