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Colts Vs. Redskins Game Day Thread

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BOOM - is right! Running from behind the exact same OL as TR does!   Please enough with him - sign Rice!

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Trent doesnt come back next year. We need to draft a running back with our 2nd or 3rd pick

I don't know if we need to go that high for one..

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woohooo right no cue!  Amazing huh?   Now can we please stop blaming the OL for TRs failures?


That has to be "one" of the longest RB TDs by a Colt in a long time!   WTG Boom!


Now please please please stay healthy boom!

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    • Yeah...I don't think Ballard would even draft a Jameis Winston either. But peak Winston is a much better QB than JB.
    • This is what I said above - the general stats are sometimes misleading - simply put - teams that fall behind a lot try to get back in games by throwing a lot. Teams that get ahead a lot, try to drain clock and run a lot at end of games. I've found that the game-neutral % are a better indicator for 1. tendencies(the % of pass vs run plays) and 2. strength of the chosen play.   Those stats are kind of hard to get and I haven't found a specific place, there are several users on twitter that have those stats and post them sporadically. Ours are not very different between game neutral and general(because a lot of our games are close so not a lot of blowouts to skew pass% and rush% numbers)     Yes and I disagreed with him at the time. I also disagreed with his reasoning for wanting to improve that part of the game. But that's irrelevant here.      Yep. But again - that's why we have to look at the game neutral situations.    I mean... we went from 4.2 to 4.6 and we are now tied for 7th-10th. Top 5 is actually 4.9, not 5.9, so we are 0.3 away from being top 5.    Balance is a weird thing. I personally am not a fan of balance for balance's sake. What's important is how efficient is your offense so, whatever ratio gives you the best efficiency and best chance to win the most games is what we should be aiming at. That ratio would be different for different QBs you have and most coaches in the league seem to intuitively understand that and adjust(the better passers get higher pass%, the worse passers and/or good runners get higher run%). (again - I am talking about game neutral situations here)
    • No. I watched Portland wresting when I was a kid, but it never interested me after that. I've heard those names, but couldn't put the face to the name.    I do know who Ric Flair is now because of all the times he is referenced on this site. 
    • Okereke, when on the field with Leonard and Walker has been playing SAM since Leonard came back from his concussion.
    • Not sure how I can say it differently but I'll try. I don't want Oke playing any MLB at all. I'd like to upgrade MLB with a true 3 down guy instead of bringing Oke in for passing downs. I'd prefer Oke stay outside 100% of the time (either as primary SAM or backup WILL).    At Mike specifically, I'd do the reverse of what they are doing now. I'd get a new primary Mike that can stay on the field in most packages (3 down guy), and use Walker as the back up and as a rotational guy on early downs.
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