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Colts Vs. Redskins Game Day Thread

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BOOM - is right! Running from behind the exact same OL as TR does!   Please enough with him - sign Rice!

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Trent doesnt come back next year. We need to draft a running back with our 2nd or 3rd pick

I don't know if we need to go that high for one..

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woohooo right no cue!  Amazing huh?   Now can we please stop blaming the OL for TRs failures?


That has to be "one" of the longest RB TDs by a Colt in a long time!   WTG Boom!


Now please please please stay healthy boom!

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    • I would love landing WR CeeDee Lamb round 1, and in round 3 get QB Jordan Love to sit behind Brissett and learn for a year like Mahomes did. Love to me has one of the higher upsides among this QB class. After Joe Burrow, I'm not really sold on the other round 1 QBs in this class. Tu'a can't stay healthy either. 
    • Okay I like JB, but I'm not a fanboy. But let's look at the season so far not just one game. In the LAC game if our kicker makes a couple of PATs we win in regulation. It's hard to overcome 5 missed kicks. In fact JB led a pretty good late game drive for a score.   Oakland everybody looked bad   Pittsburgh JB effectively didn't play. Ditto Miami   Last night TY drops two passes that would have kept drives alive. Hines drops a pass that Troy Aikman figured would have gone for big yards with his speed. And on the one deep throw JB threw, Johnson cut off his route and the ball dropped harmlessly to the turf. If Johnson runs the route properly it may have been like Hopkins' first TD. Don't see how any of that can be blamed in JB   Now let's look at Houston. Fuller and Hopkins each make two phenomenal lay out catches. Fuller's and one of Hopkins' extend scoring drives, one of Hopkins' goes for the winning TD. None of those throws were great passes, but the were all great catches. Our misses were good passes right in the receiver's hands that were juggled and dropped.   So bottom line, 2 of our losses can't be blamed on JB he didn't even play. One was lost by a kicker who couldn't make PATs. And last night we had four well thrown passes that were either dropped or in the case of the long ball the receiver didn't run the right route. People are welcomed to their opinion, but to say we are 6-5 because our QB isn't good enough seems like a stretch to me. If he plays every game this season so far we are at least 8-3. If our HOF kicker could kick we would be 9-2. And if our receivers could hold onto the ball we might be 9-1.     
    • Nice guy but not future for a Colts QB. Move on.
    • I have no idea why we played so much man against Houston. This is not the team to do that with. 
    • Personally, it's not that I don't like the dude.  I don't know the dude.   He's slow.  Slow to read.  Slow to throw.  And Slow footed.     Definitions of average aside, It is my strong belief that he is not good enough.  Now I think it's unfortunate that he is well liked in the locker room because it makes it harder to move on, but I have little doubt that JB is not what the club needs going forward.  
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