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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Redskins Game Day Thread

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I think this one resulted in fines, but it was really blatant here


The NBA also fines for flops, but it's not as strict as it needs to be, in my opinion

Must have been Oscar week. Good lord that was awful....two flops for the price of one!


The NBA is almost as bad as soccer. Certain hockey teams *cough Montreal* are notorious for it too. All sports are far too lenient with that bull and it's disgraceful.

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WOW  What a play defense!  Surprised DQ got the scoop and score.  He looked a little quicker than normal... Maybe that put a spark up his @$s.  Nice rush Walden.  Well done!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • True in Lamar's first year in the league, but not last year.... but even if it was true for last year, I'm just going to leave these stats here:....   L. Jackson 2019 passing stats: 401 attempts  -  3,127 yards (avg 7.8)  -  36 TD  -  6 INTs  -  Passer rating: 113.3   P. Rivers 2019 passing stats: 591 attempts  -  4,615 yards (avg 7.8)  -  23 TD  -  20 INTs  -  Passer rating: 88.5   I know which QB i'd prefer.... especially as this ignores Lamar's value as a runner and elusiveness. Also yes i see your trapdoor emoji, but i get the feeling that other people feel this way..... so i wanted to just crush that narrative.   Also, people please dont get me wrong, i think Phillip will do well with us and is definitely an upgrade for us. I was merely making the point that while he should be great (especially behind our O-line), let's not get too carried away thinking we have one of the leagues best QB's, because we don't. He will do a good enough job to not hold the team back, which is more than we could hope for last year at the position.
    • @Coffeedrinker are you seriously trying to tell me you wouldn’t have D. Watson, L. Jackson or M. Ryan over Phillip Rivers at this point in Rivers’ career?   You’re crazy man!
    • Remember Marvin after he was dinged? This is starting to remind me of literally Watching Marvin’s physical ability decline.  Not quite there yet, but I look at TY’s age and size.... well, heres to hoping he continues to avoid big hits.     The way Ballard has been adding wideouts the last couple years has me wondering if Ballard isn't concerned about 16 game health too.
    • I think if I had stayed in IN when I was beginning to watch baseball it would have been between Reds, Cubs, and Pirates since triple A. But by the time I was 10 I had moved.      When I am in STL next year I will probably try to attend as many of the Cubs/Cards series as possible since there are 10 games and I'm 15 minutes from Busch at that point
    • Watson will be a UFA in 2022.  Over the Cap projects the Texans to have 97.7m Cap Room while the Colts are projected with 164m.  Given the Texans horrible offensive line compared to the Colts why would Watson wish to stay and continue to take the punishment and risk further injury to a gifted QB?  This year might be a blessing either way.  Limited NFL play allows Watson to remain upright and nurse any lingering wounds but shortens his remaining playing contract.   Agree it is rare for QBs to transfer within conferences.  We have seen players seeking revenge against their former teams.  Got to think Watson has to still be bitter about the Hopkins trade.  Given the medical issue with his mother he may wish to remain close to Georgia.  I personally think the Colts organization is much better than the current Texans staff.   Again we will have more capital and a much improved offensive line to dangle in front of Watson and the recent history lesson of knowing we have to do better protecting our QBs post-Luck.  Take the lesson learned and acquire some talented WRs next year so we can bait him make it enticing for Watson to want to come here.  Make Watson our "Missing Link". 
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