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Boom needs rest, I would guess.  The reason behind putting Richardson in any game isn't to have him run the ball, but to give our other RBs a rest.



Im sure it's more because he is the better blocking back.  He is doing well in that aspect.  They throw a lot when he is in!

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Our special teams are a joy to watch.  It's about time.

They've come a loooooooooooong way over the past couple of seasons. Now they're pretty darn good on coverage and returns. We have one of the best kickers and THE best punter in the game on top of it.


It really is great to see. Gone are the years of "KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!" shouted by the home crowd on a return....that we were lucky not to fumble. In the span of a few years we've gone from annual Special toilet teams  to being among the best this season. You can make a case for us being the top ST team in the NFL.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I just thought it’s interesting.  I believe all his injuries have come on gadget plays. I was just asking the question about OSU. It’s worth asking because it is happening a lot. There was no reason to be rude.
    • It’s all going to depend if he needs surgery. If it heals own there is a chance. If he needs surgery he is probably done. It’s so sad this has happened his first two years in the league. Praying he can have a successful final two seasons. It’s all just been bad luck. Someone  running into your knee by accident. Pittman said today Paris is his big brother. Kind of funny since Pittman is older then Campbell I believe. Pittman is actually renting Paris old rental house as Paris and his fiancé bought their first house in Indy.  
    • You definitely don’t want to take the bandaid approach to the QB situation. It’s better to find a long term solution. I can’t think of the last time a team has won a SuperBowl by trading for an older QB. Maybe the Eagles with Foles but Wentz got them there.   Also, Stafford and Wentz have both had injury issues lately. The best solution is a QB from the draft.
    • Co-incidentally, it was a Jags player that took Malik Hooker's knee out in his rookie season and a Jags player that took Parris Campbell's knee out last game. Blame the Jags!!!     Jaguars hunt Buckeyes, it looks like!!!
    • Fixed it for you.  When I saw the hit on the outside of the knee, It said MCL to me.  To what grade was/is unknown. But the replays I had were inconclusive if there was also any frontal impact (which may lead to a possible PCL injury as well).  That's why I was reserved and that there could be more.  And if the reports that he also has a PCL injury, that complicates matters, significantly lengthens rehab time, and maybe even suggest internal interventional remedies that might end his season. I await updates.
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