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Colts Vs. Redskins Game Day Thread

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Besides the occasional drop, coby is playing really good football

The occasional drop is a big deal, especially when you have an opportunity for an easy TD.  It doesn't get any easier than that

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Still not liking the Harrison project. I'm fine with him next year, if he wins out at the position, but this year?....

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I don't understand the reasoning behind not putting Boom right back out there

Boom needs rest, I would guess.  The reason behind putting Richardson in any game isn't to have him run the ball, but to give our other RBs a rest.



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    • I see what you mean now  idk if Winston can throw like that with all the turnovers I can see Brady having a blast he’s light years better than Winston and he had zero weapons besides Edelman last year  an atrocious line no TE WR2 Rb   Last year and we’ve finally seen what it looks like when Brady’s off has no playmakers their def carried the hell out of them..he now comes to the bucs who’s line is suspect but they have a good Rb and also gronk/ oj Howard Godwin/Mike Evans  there’s no way that offense should be bad with Brady behind it as much as people don’t like him give him weapons he’ll kick * as bad as Winston was he was having shootouts because of the power of their OFF he literally caused all their losses throwing picks nonstop Brady isn’t throwing no damn 30 picks and fumbling 5 times in a season NEVER 
    • Nice statement by FR      His response to the Coaches return is pretty telling too     
    • J Toews of the Blackhawks has a nice statement too
    • Couldn't be happier to have him as the leader of our team.   Players will do anything for this guy. Can't wait to see them lay it on the line this year.
    • Proud of our coach. He felt compelled to release his own statement, outside of the teams statement.   https://www.colts.com/news/frank-reich-racial-injustice-offseason-program-media-conference-call   Currently only 3 NFL coaches(Flores, Lynn, Reich), have released a statement. Cleveland coach was listed as part of statement from the team. So 4(3)/32 coaches have stepped up and been vocal.   https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/01/where-are-the-vast-majority-of-nfl-head-coaches-on-the-current-unrest/   Much respect coach. 
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