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Colts Vs. Redskins Game Day Thread

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Besides the occasional drop, coby is playing really good football

The occasional drop is a big deal, especially when you have an opportunity for an easy TD.  It doesn't get any easier than that

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Still not liking the Harrison project. I'm fine with him next year, if he wins out at the position, but this year?....

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I don't understand the reasoning behind not putting Boom right back out there

Boom needs rest, I would guess.  The reason behind putting Richardson in any game isn't to have him run the ball, but to give our other RBs a rest.



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    • I liked him at 3T but we have Buckner now. Not sure where he fits in. Maybe at NT but Grover isn’t playing bad.
    • Jaguars select Cam Akers, RB, Florida State   @John Hammonds is on the clock with the Jets 
    • kelly represents potential that has yet to screw up publicly on the field.   Emphasis on "yet."    t's easy to assume someone will pass that test when they've never had the chance to pass or fail.  Doesn't always come out that way.  Put him on an NFL field we have no idea if that potential will actually turn into execution.   Brissett could at least execute at an acceptable level when he wasn't hurt, and even engineered a few comeback wins.  For all his flaws he had the team competing for the playoffs before he got hurt and lost the ability to really step into his throws.   His core numbers arent great but he did have a certain poise and ability to improvise and I can see why Reich values him.   Bottom line, Brissett proved not to be the answer after his injury, but I can understand why Reich is still high on him, and people are going too far out of their way to blame Brissett for everything that happened after the halfway point even though Brissett was hardly the only factor letting the team down (basically the entire offense other than the OL and RB took a step backward and our secondary developed cracks)
    • Listen.  I never said that Leonard is not a pro bowl player.  I just think he is over rated.  I think Bobby, can't spell his name, has similar skill set but may have better pass coverage skills.  Slide him into Leonard's positon if he asks for the moon and mayb Speed will b up to speed, no pun intended, and fill Bobby's position.
    • I didnt say that.  I just referenced Mosley's contract at 17 million.  Leonard will be coming to the table with all pro selections and will not be settling for 15 million.  It will b up to Ballard to * whether he is worth north of 17 million a year. For all we know, Leonard may ask for 20 million a year and lots of guaranteed money.   
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