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Boynton Beach, FL

Since the Mayflower trucks rolled in.

Oh you're from Boynton Beach... My folks have a place down there and every now and then (once a year), I pop in and stay with them for a week or two. Where are you from in BB, close to Military Trail?

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yeh, im from New Zealand, not sure how much you guys would have seen of this place? But were behind in everything, always have been. We dont get many feeds of NFL, Australia gets more than we do, they have Fox sports, plus they have a few players - Punters - in the league. So we only get the primetime Sunday and Monday night football games on espn (espn here even though not on espn over there), but do get Nascar, Indy, F1 etc on regular Sky sports channels.

I still want more games! I do still watch every Colts game though, if i cant watch it i listen to 1070thefan online streaming and NFL.com updates. Love Bob Lameys voice, heaps of passion when he commentates.

So yeah someone talk to Commissioner Goodell and get him to get into talks with someone! even if it is just me watching haha!

Kiwi here too (Wellington). Colts fan for about 10 years. I was a member of these forums for a few years then they moved a few times and I've only just signed up again. Not many Colts games on TV in NZ this year :-)

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Well I thought I lived in Fort Wayne, IN, yet one Sunday the only game that was on was the Chicago game, so apparently I mixed up my states. Guess I rooted for the wrong team during the Colts vs. Bears Superbowl! Darn meddling Colts...

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aren't the games on in the wee hours of the morning over there?

It all depends on the scheduling.

One of the benefits us being so poor this year is that the majority of the games are on at 6pm our time which is perfect for me.

The only real struggle for me is if we're primetime on Sunday or Monday evenings as those games kick off at 1.25am our time. I still watch these live though, just stock up on energy drinks for work the next day!

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