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Colts email to STHs Re: Playoff Tickets

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The Colts sent out an email today to STH's regarding a new option to paying for playoff tickets.  This always happens right before Christmas, making it very difficult for some STHs to keep their tickets for possible home playoff games.  However, there is actually a 3rd option available that most STHs don't know about and is an even BETTER option (and this is NOT a commercial!)...


If you have a Colts Extra Points Visa, use it to pay for them.  You will get 6 months to pay with no interest.  That is a MUCH better way and makes it MUCH easier on the budget.  Every year we tell STHs this and it is surprising the team doesn't push this, as they DO push the card.  We've used this option for a number of years now and it absolutely helps us.  Hope this info helps some of you out there!

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The only bad thing about the pay as you go option is you don't get the actual ticket.  You print it off on your computer.  We've been keeping every ticket to every game since the 80's.  But it IS easier than paying for a game that might not even happen.  But we always look at it as payment ahead on next year's season tickets.

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