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Colts Vs. Patriots Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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Hi, Colts Nation!   :)   An interesting battle of AFC Division leaders tonight on prime time, as the 7-2, and AFC East leading New England Patriots come to The Circle  City, and play our 6-3, and AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts.  Colts are both  seeking to end their current four game regular season losing streak, and win over the Patriots for the first time in five years.


Colts and Patriots are meeting for the 78th time overall tonight, after playing 73 regular season games, and 4 post season games.  Patriots though, currently lead the all-time overall series at 48 wins and 29 losses, and also outscored our Colts, 1880 to 1459 points,  in the previous 77 games. 


LOS's stadium roof is closed for tonight's 8:25PM Eastern Standard Prime Time kickoff, because outside the stadium area in Downtown Indianapolis is snow with cloudy skies at 30 degrees, 90% both humidity and precipitation, and mild southwest winds at 3 miles per hour.


NO further injuries, continue to keep your AFC South and divisional lead, and continue to stay both Colts Strong, and Chuck Strong, and  GO COLTS!!!!!  :cheer:  :rock:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshorse:  :coltsfb:          :coltshelmet:     :blueshoe:    :coltslogo:   :cheer:  :D



Complete Colts Vs. Patriots Sunday Night Football Pre Game Release On Adobe PDF Reader, And Live NFL

Game Centers:








NBC Sunday Night Football Live Online Game Links. Pre Game Coverage Begins At 4:30PM Eastern Standard Time:






Colts Vs. Patriots Pre Game Injury Reports:





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Give them a heaping serving of Ol' Ahmad, along with a side of Reg, Duane, and T.Y. and some Coby cheese as a garnish... Seriously though I do hope they stay with the run for 2 reasons:


1) to keep the Brady bunch on the sideline, and our D fresh and

2) to give Luck more time to hit TY on the double moves for big gainers.




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No...what we need is an aerial attack and just outscore the crap on them....I'd take one of them blowouts (for the COLTS of course) right about now :)

Do you think that is possible with the Pats secondary?  I think the Colts need to run the ball.  Control the clock.  No quick strike attempts. 

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Evening everyone from NW Ohio :)  Man I'm nervous, my stomach is in knots  LOL.  It should be a good game tonite and I still feel we can finish with a WIN.  It's going to be a hard fought game, but I have faith in my team !!!  GOOOOOOOOOO Colts !!!

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Man I am spent, I've been cheering Kevin Harvick on all day and I don't know if i have anything left in the tank for our Colts. I'm gonna go take a nap to refuel, but if I don't make it back, have fun guys and GO COLTS!!

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I'm so glad I live around Atlanta. It's pretty cold here, but rarely snows.

And I'm so glad the Falcons won!! I'm so @&%#$@#$#@% about the dirt bag Saints Fan in this one and why I can't stand the city of new orleans, You dirt bag Saints fan I hope you never see another Saints win... Just venting a minute. I hope I can enjoy some of this game tonight after see this???? 



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    • Crap, sorry.   with the 129th pick, the Seahawks select:   Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn   If that doesn’t make Russell Wilson happy, then 7@€# him!   @crazycolt1and the Jags are aim the clock.
    • Watson started this recent public trade thing by stating that the organization has flawed hiring practices.  And I think he never debunked the idea that the current owner was a lot like his father, simply because he is his son.   Its not really about the next season or even the team's won loss record over the next three years.  Its bigger than that.  I think it would be smarter to not accommodate whiners, and in a legal manner, not set the precedent of accommodating someone who conducts detrimental actions that undermines the new coach and the authority structure of the organization.   If you accommodate Watson, you set the precedent that all whiners need to be accommodated or else you end up singling some out for disparate treatment.  This shows what a cancer players like Watson are to an entire organization.    And, I would think a player like that has limited trade value, despite the rumors.  I would  simply move on from him....forget he even exists...would be the less time consuming and smarter move.  If he wants to sit out, fine, but I'm drafting this spring with the idea that he's going to try to put me at a disadvantage and wait until after FA and the draft before he tells me he wont play next year.   There is some root of the problem that has yet to be revealed.   If its about making bad personnel decisions, resulting in a losing record, I get that....but the HC, OBrien who was responsible for those moves was fired months ago.  Seems like Watson and Watt are still holding some kind of grudge over something, or simply launching their marketing brand by grandstanding.   If I were the GM, I'd just ignore Watson until he apologized for those statements instead of honoring his wishes, and then if the team struggles, show to the whole world what people like that can do to a team, blame the teams failure's over a whiner sitting out the season too arrogant and stubborn to apologize for something he should not have said in the first place.       
    • The 2006 team was the greatest and it is not even a debate. They went 10-0 at home including the playoffs, 16-4 overall, and most importantly won the SB = they finished. The 2005 team during the regular season beat teams by a wider margin but lost in the divisional round. That team did not have Adam Vinatieri either, the 2006 team did. In 2006 we seen the best of Bob Sanders in the playoffs and we went through Ray Lewis/Ed Reed/Steve McNair at Baltimore, and beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in the AFC Title Game. Also in respect to the 2009 team, that team didn't have Vinatieri either, nor did it have Marvin Harrison or Bob Sanders, Dungy wasn't the Coach as well. It is 2006 hands down.
    • Probably 2005, that  team was loaded and then played a tragically bad game to the sixth seeded Steelers in the playoffs.    
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