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Together We Make Football-Colts Story

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No, I never saw that before so thanks for posting the story bap1331. What are the odds that a woman accepts a job in Wyoming, steps into a bar, & marries the 1 guy in there with a Manning jersey on? A billion to 1?


She seems like a sweet lady, but given how nice people from the Hoosier State have been to me a fellow Wisconsinite on here, I'm not surprised. I hope that this couple wins the SB trip because they are so down to earth & they represent the best team in the NFL so case closed to me. Send them the plane tickets & hotel reservations right now.


Clearly, the woman has excellent tastes. After all, it's not like she married a Cowboys fan. On that fact alone, she deserves a free trip to the SB & $3,000 in spending money at the very least. LOL! 

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