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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ N.Y. Giants Monday Night Football Game Thread

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Blocking is horrible, as usual

Not picking up the blitzes as well.  We have to make adjustments.  Short cut routes.

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O-line looks like it's still in last 7 years mode, plus last week.


I'd like the line back from the first few games this year. The defense at least showed up, O-line needs to do the same.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • Well... leave room for the possibility of TY and Brissett having a great outing this week.   TY's 3rd best game vs the Texans...who he's punished and torched relentlessly... came with Brissett as the QB in 2017 in the waning days of that very same Grigson/Pagano mess. Ballard had yet to comprehensively turn over the roster.   No one can dispute the read/progression capabilities that Andrew had as a QB....but Jacoby HAS a chemistry with TY that will only be bolstered by the run game and the O-line, which pummeled Houston last year. And that was WITH Clowney there.   A big key to this game, IMO....is rattling and physically pounding Watson...and mixing coverages like we did against Mahomes.   I believe we can, I believe TY will light them up again....and I'm picking us to win this game.... 27-17.
    • Well, I think we can all agree that Smith was a great draft pick.   Now having him as a guard/tackle hybrid is pretty awesome.   
    • Willis had one good game. 
    • I don't think it's even debatable who had the better field vision and who was better at reads/progressions. Luck was skilled at those things coming out of college. Sure he threw some INTs, but so does just about everybody that regularly goes down field. INTs also happen a lot when playing from behind, which Luck did a lot during the Grigson era.
    • He shouldn’t. Did he do anything wrong? No. But neither did Alex Smith, Drew Bledsoe, etc...   We need to see what we really have in Willis. He’s made some impressive plays up until this point, but is he a true difference maker? I hear Grant Delpit is dropping on a lot of boards and even after that there is some goood SS talent. Willis needs to show that the Colts don’t need to draft another safety early.
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