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Colts @ N.Y. Giants Monday Night Football Game Thread


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Why is Hillis running all over us this drive that's a freakin joke!!

He has ran for almost 1200 yards before and 11 td;s in the same year...Its not a joke....He has only played in 37 games since 2010 and only started 12...Injuries

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Yep, Sad but true, They however are built a bit different but similar running styles, I'd have to study them frame by frame but when I watch Trent he runs like is tall....especial;;y in his cuts, He uses whats called a Power Cut and Jump Cut a ton when he needs to be using more of a Speed cut....Great article http://footballbeyondthestats.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/breaking-down-the-cutting-actions-of-rbs-part-2/

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