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Question of the Day - 10/29 "Three-Peat"

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:blueshoe:   Carrying on the subject from Twosdays Q of D:



:blueshoe:   Who is the SPECIAL TEAMS MVP of the first half of the 2014 season ??

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    • Here is where I sit. Which is a safer situation to be in. A controlled environment that is constantly testing and taking measures to limit contact, sanitize, and the spread of the disease and because you are being tested so often could likely notify you that you caught it sooner and help protect you from spreading it to your family and allow you quicker treatment all the while making millions of dollars well i think that would be a better option. Staying at home isn’t exactly safe...and I’d be surprised these guys aren’t at more risk by opting out then opting in. That said it’s a free country and if they are worried about their health that is respectable....I mean sure they play the most violent and harmful sport/activity that one could so obviously worrying about their health goes so far but it’s their right to choose. Just know you while you are sitting someone is taking your job and that money you pass up there is no other job after football that you can make up that money in.
    • Football as a blood sport?
    • Truth can be disappointing, if you bother to look.   The problem with any organization or movement that grows from infancy, is that missteps occur along the way.  Most would acknowledge these missteps, admit when they were wrong, apologize, then seek to correct the processes so the same wrongness doesn't happen again.   Has BLM ever admitted they did anything wrong...ever? If we don't get the message, I guess that's our shortcoming and not theirs, after 4 years of delivering the message.     A group that is confident that their message is rooted in truth would be able to admit their missteps.  OTOH, it seems like BLM must think their cause is built on a house of cards that would totally collapse if anything wrong was admitted.     From the Wash Post: Of the 10,000,000 arrests that happened in 2019 in the USA, 1,100 involved police shootings.  9 of the victims were unarmed blacks.  While brutality is not the same as an actual shooting, it does seem like police brutality against blacks....white cops not black cops....would be situational anomalies rather than something indicative of a systemic problem that a dopey, untalented, and angry NFL QB would apply to the country as whole by disrespecting its flag and anthem.     
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