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Barkley Sounds Undecided - But Takes First Step

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Here's Matt Barkley in an interview....and he's applied for an NFL "evaluation" that many underclassmen do to determine their draft projection.


Tough to get a real clear read on his intentions....but my hunch is that he'll stay at USC since they regain bowl eligibility next season and the rookie cap means less financial risk by waiting a year.

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Sounds like he wants to come back. This might raise our bargaining price for #1 overall if we decide to trade it seeing how Robert Griffin sounds like he wants to come back as well.

I would love it if he does. The news regarding Peyton's fusion is also good. As AC17 said, if Barkley stays in another year and Robert Griffin III also stays at Baylor another year (he's indicated that he would) that would greatly improve our odds of getting a ransom in trade for the chance to draft Luck. I would want nothing less than their 1st round, 2nd, and 4th in 2012, and likely 1st and 2nd round in 2013. If possible getting a 1st round in 2014 would be ideal because that is when another quarterback MUST be drafted if one has not already been selected to be groomed behind Manning in 2012. I don't think waiting until 2015 is a very safe bet. Rookie quarterbacks need at least 2-3 years to be prepared and with that much time the heir to Manning would have at least 8-12 preseason games and possible mop up opportunities to get a feel for the speed of the NFL game.

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