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who is the best colts QB not named unitas manning or luck

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I always liked Bill Brooks, and Chris Hinton

Whoops, I must have been half asleep and unable to read last night....thought it was favorite player not named...


QB's, I would have to say that Captain Comback, aka Jim Harbaugh was the best QB not named Manning, Luck or Unitas.  He was crafty and fun to watch.  

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The Coach of the 49ers is the answer to my knowledge. I've seen 0 zero nil none nothing of Bert Jones so I can't just say it. 


The weirdest part of the Colts QB story is how bad Jeff George was as a Colt. It was one of the first prime examples of the modern NFL's importance on getting high draft picks correct.

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In all seriousness I never got to see players like Jones. Instead I like many others got the joy of watching guys like Jack Trudeau, and then Jeff George who came along after being drafted first overall... and yeah he was from Indiana. However, his changing of colleges should have been a sign of things to come because he ended up playing for 9 teams in 13 years in the NFL because he was so hard to get along with out there. Nor was he very good. The first sign that things would get better was when Jim Harbaugh first arrived in 94, or whatever. 95 was magical, and a harbinger of things to come. 


\The Colts also had another number 12 around that time  named Kerwin Bell who someone posted a gif a few days back of him spiking the ball into his own crotch while in the CFL.


 \\St. Painter also deserves mention because without him we wouldn't be the team that we are today.

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