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who is the best colts QB not named unitas manning or luck

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Jared "J.Load" Lorenzen.

LOL.  I kinda feel bad for the guy, but then I really don't.  Not being able to keep a steady diet cost him his wife and at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars, amongst other things.  It's not quite as bad as getting cut for getting arrested, but it's about as close as you can get. 

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Pedantically... the actual question to the question of who IS the best Colts QB not named Unitas/Manning/Luck is Matt Hasselbeck as he's the only Colts QB not named as per the previous.:P


Now who WAS the best Colts QB I'd have to say Bert Jones going from folklore. 

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In my mind, Jones was the first real "gunslinger."  He had the arm and the attitude to match.  His confidence (opponents would say arrogance) literally carried the team at times and gave them confidence in themselves.  Carr, Mitchell, Mackey, Lee, Chester, Doughty, the Sack Pack...that was a fun team to watch.

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    • Maybe to #21? With Wentz as our QB, I wonder if Ballard would consider him? .... And Wentz will say "oh boy, here we go again".  
    • I certainly understand the Ingram intrigue but I'd have to go with Kerrigan here. His body has a lot more left in the tank than Ingram and his body is as healthy as can be due to Washington's dominant young d-line. Kerrigan could certainly give us 1-2 years of above average play! 
    • I remember it like yesterday, then read the reasons shortly after the selection, and they made sense.  Edge played at The U, which ran the stretch, and the Colts were running it as well.  Edge also had fewer miles on his legs, due to being in running back by committee for most of his career there.  Lastly, Edge was the better receiver and pass blocker.    I sometimes wonder if Ditka thought about making that insane offer to the Colts first? 
    • I don't care how he tested (especially this year, when all those pro-day tests are under serious question)... I care how he plays and how he looks on tape. Players that didn't test off-the-charts are some of the best playmakers in football - Mahomes ran 4.82 with 30 inch vertical. I'd take him over any of the best athletes in the league making plays on the move. With that said... I don't see Mac Jones in similar light even though they tested very similarly. I don't think he's stuck in mud in the pocket. But I do not think he has enough mobility to scramble when needed. He will be one of the worst scrambling starting QBs in the league IMO. I think him scrambling will be extremely rare in the league. I just don't think he has the mobility and physical talent to do it while launching the ball downfield.    I like him too. But there are levels to this thing. I like him as a late first-second round QB. I think he can be a good productive QB in the right system(Shannahan system for example). I don't like him enough to give up 3 1st round picks + 3d for him, though. This is my whole contention here. He's just not THAT type of player IMO. Lance and Fields are. 
    • You may end up being right, but I hope that we add some talent here   As a HUGE Ohio State fan....  I WANT Lewis to step up....  He seemed to improve a bit, but, in my opinion there needs to be a talent influx on the DE   I have a recurring nightmare of Patrick M........ getting 30 seconds to throw...
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