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who is the best colts QB not named unitas manning or luck

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Jared "J.Load" Lorenzen.

LOL.  I kinda feel bad for the guy, but then I really don't.  Not being able to keep a steady diet cost him his wife and at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars, amongst other things.  It's not quite as bad as getting cut for getting arrested, but it's about as close as you can get. 

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Pedantically... the actual question to the question of who IS the best Colts QB not named Unitas/Manning/Luck is Matt Hasselbeck as he's the only Colts QB not named as per the previous.:P


Now who WAS the best Colts QB I'd have to say Bert Jones going from folklore. 

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In my mind, Jones was the first real "gunslinger."  He had the arm and the attitude to match.  His confidence (opponents would say arrogance) literally carried the team at times and gave them confidence in themselves.  Carr, Mitchell, Mackey, Lee, Chester, Doughty, the Sack Pack...that was a fun team to watch.

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    • I am more of a draft for need guy so I would would take a WR in the 4th. I would go LT at #21, #54 Edge Rusher, and WR in the 4th round. That would fill 3 huge needs. Our WR core isn't bad, I would say average to above average but we need it at the good level. Maybe we find a steal in the 4th? 
    • Seen recent mocks having Turner going early in Round 2.  Been high on Turner as well so am not surprised that he may go way earlier than originally thought.     As for Jordan Smith doubt the Colts even have him on their draft board due to character issues running a credit card scheme in college.
    • This is just laughable 
    • Anyone else surprised that Malik Hooker hasn't signed with anyone yet?
    • I'm hoping they miss the playoffs. That's not because I think it's likely they get lucky with the lottery and get a higher pick but I think missing the playoffs increases the chance of some significant changes that are needed for this team to be relevant.    Personally, i'm not high on this group at all and I don't think them being all healthy would change that. I think this team lacks an identity and and the type of chemistry needed for them to go deep in the postseason. I've really soured on Kevin Pritchard so i'm not optimistic in them making meaningful changes to this roster.    Also, I think i've mentioned it before but i'll say it again...this franchise has to draft an all-star. It's pathetic as they haven't since Paul George. (over 10 YEARS ago) We know they are not going to sign stars via free agency so they need to draft one and be a good draft team in general. Yes, it requires some luck but every team that wins needs some luck. Their drafting has been bad for over a decade now.         
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