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who is the best colts QB not named unitas manning or luck

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Jared "J.Load" Lorenzen.

LOL.  I kinda feel bad for the guy, but then I really don't.  Not being able to keep a steady diet cost him his wife and at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars, amongst other things.  It's not quite as bad as getting cut for getting arrested, but it's about as close as you can get. 

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Pedantically... the actual question to the question of who IS the best Colts QB not named Unitas/Manning/Luck is Matt Hasselbeck as he's the only Colts QB not named as per the previous.:P


Now who WAS the best Colts QB I'd have to say Bert Jones going from folklore. 

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In my mind, Jones was the first real "gunslinger."  He had the arm and the attitude to match.  His confidence (opponents would say arrogance) literally carried the team at times and gave them confidence in themselves.  Carr, Mitchell, Mackey, Lee, Chester, Doughty, the Sack Pack...that was a fun team to watch.

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    • I would not go as far as unreasonable.  I think thier positions do not have nearly as much values as other. Would I pay Leonard or Q 18 million? No!! What r u going to pay Smith? Buckner makes 21 million. All of your top end  players r playing in the middle of your D and O.  No peripheral skill players at all. That's concerning to me. Let's make a bold move and get a top  end corner or hell even wide out. 
    • I voted OT as in (LT). I would take an Edge at #54. We need to make life as easy as possible for Wentz and need a LT badly.
    • Then we keep our 1st round pick next year, start Eason, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Hopefully it doesn't happen though (it'll usually happen to 1 or 2 teams a year, just have to avoid random, bad luck).
    • The question did say (if no trade) by it on who we would pick at 21. By that standard, I'd go OT. There's just no guarantee on who Ballard would like would be there at 54. We can like 6-8 options at OT around that point as fans, but Ballard realistically probably likes 3-4. He then has to hope they make it to 54 and we can grab one. EDGE is mostly the same all throughout day 2 of the draft, and if we miss out on Paye, there's not a huge fall until probably late round 3.    We can also re-sign Houston still. Kerrigan and Ingram are available after the draft without losing a pick, while the options at LT are guys like Villineuva, Schwartz, and Fisher. I heard Schwartz and Fisher may both go back to the Chiefs, and Villineuva will be a 1 year guy that's expensive.   All this makes me lean towards OT with 21 with no trade. You got the guy you wanted at 22 in Cosmi with the Chiefs. We could get him at 21 with the Colts, or maybe Teven Jenkins, and that would be a win over any EDGE besides Paye IMO. Now if Paye is there at 21, and I like a bunch of OTs in the 2nd, maybe go for it. That's the only exception to the rule though.
    • Yup. I'd have zero problem with it.  If you have zero chance of a SB with another FA QB, which we wouldn't, might as well sink or swim with Eason.  At worst, we'd have a good draft pick, and know Eason isn't the answer.
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