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who is the best colts QB not named unitas manning or luck

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Jared "J.Load" Lorenzen.

LOL.  I kinda feel bad for the guy, but then I really don't.  Not being able to keep a steady diet cost him his wife and at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars, amongst other things.  It's not quite as bad as getting cut for getting arrested, but it's about as close as you can get. 

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Pedantically... the actual question to the question of who IS the best Colts QB not named Unitas/Manning/Luck is Matt Hasselbeck as he's the only Colts QB not named as per the previous.:P


Now who WAS the best Colts QB I'd have to say Bert Jones going from folklore. 

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In my mind, Jones was the first real "gunslinger."  He had the arm and the attitude to match.  His confidence (opponents would say arrogance) literally carried the team at times and gave them confidence in themselves.  Carr, Mitchell, Mackey, Lee, Chester, Doughty, the Sack Pack...that was a fun team to watch.

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