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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

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shut out!

Can't argue with that game today... Maybe #1 seed isn't a total pipe dream?

If we beat NE, we have a shot. DEN will probably drop a game or two down the stretch. (SF, SDx2, and NE are all going to be very interesting.)

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Impressive 27-0 shutout home field win by the Colts over the Bengals. Colts won their fifth straight game, after losing the first two games in the beginning of the season, Next Up, the road game with the slumping and last place Pittsburgh Steelers, who also play the Texans on MNF beforehand, at Heinz Field. Colts will try to win their sixth straight next Sunday. Thanks to all of you Colts fans again for participating and posting here on the Colts Game Day Thread. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week, see all of you here in the Colts Fan Forum, and GO COLTS!!!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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    • I wouldn't be the least bit upset if the entire franchise folded
    • what the organization needs to do is stop making training camp family friendly and bust theses guys *ses and toughen them up. If you cant handle the work, you dont make the 53. no rest days. you can't go, you get cut. In the end, you either have one tough team that knows what is expected of them or no team with no false expectations.
    • i'd love to see their superbowls stripped
    • Crazy strong WR class. There will be some very very good WRs lasting until the 4th and 5th rounds. There are several very goods one I don't even see named.    I'm probably going X regardless of who the QB is. If JB is still here, I'm going bigger X. If a new QB, a faster X, or a fast tweener.   Note: This is a Big Board, so RK is ranking inclusive of all positions, and not projected draft pick. Z or traditional Slot Bolded Blue X or big/bully Slot Bolded Red Tweeners are not bolded or colored     RK  PLAYER  SCHOOL  YEAR  *-RK   HT   WT 3 Jerry Jeudy  Alabama Jr  WR1 6-1 192 9 CeeDee Lamb  Oklahoma  Jr  WR2  6-2  189 12  Henry Ruggs III  Alabama  Jr  WR3  6-0 190 18  Tee Higgins  Clemson  Jr  WR4  6-4  215 21  Laviska Shenault Jr.  Colorado  Jr  WR5  6-2  220 27  Jalen Reagor  TCU  Jr  WR6  5-11  195 33  Justin Jefferson  LSU  Jr  WR7  6-3  192 39  Devonta Smith  Alabama  Jr  WR8  6-1  175 48  Tyler Johnson  Minnesota  Sr  WR9  6-2  205 54  Bryan Edwards  South Carolina  Sr  WR10  6-3  215 59  Tylan Wallace  Oklahoma St.  Jr  WR11  6-0  185 60  Collin Johnson  Texas  Sr  WR12  6-6  220 76  Michael Pittman Jr.  USC  Sr  WR13  6-4  220 86  Nico Collins  Michigan  Jr  WR14  6-4  222 89  Tyler Vaughns  USC  Jr  WR15  6-2  190 90  Brandon Aiyuk  Arizona St.  Sr  WR16  6-1  206 91  Sage Surratt  Wake Forest  Soph  WR17  6-3  215 94  Devin Duvernay  Texas  Sr  WR18  5-11  210 97  Denzel Mims  Baylor  Sr  WR19  6-3  215 98  Chase Claypool  Notre Dame  Sr  WR20  6-5  229
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