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    • He's not really "similar to Ryan" though.  I'm all for it if it's 2M or less, which would allow us to do some other things that we need to in FA.    If it's more than that, especially substantially more than that, then you have to consider why they wouldn't go after someone that's performed clearly better like Fitzpatrick, who is still out there.   We also have to be honest about Foles in his current state. Last season, he couldn't beat out Dalton. And the two years prior he had horrible ratings. 
    • lol... So you just yesterday diminished draft capital relevant to late rounders. Now you want to make a stand on late draft capital? lololololol... pretty typical of you though.   Sure, Dayo and Lewis are tweeners and can play 3T if needed. But they are also now the primary DE depth. And that's compounded even more given Ngakoue will likely end up being a pass rush specialist (his poor run D is widely known), so one of those guys (Dayo or Lewis) will end up starting at DE (at least on run downs). Bradley's D is also know for deploying a "LEO" (small/fast) and a "Big End" (like it says, big). Paye of course will start opposite Ngakoue on passing downs, but he's not exactly "big". So assuming Gus's D hasn't evolved that much in the past two seasons, Dayo and Lewis should both get plenty of time at DE, and shift inside on pass downs.    Specifically to the two picks.... Johnson - Might have missed something in the film on Johnson, but never saw him playing a traditional NT role. So thinking he's going to go from a MVC (small conference, low comp) tweener to an NFL NT year one is a little silly IMO. Perhaps in a year or two after some good S&C, who knows. I'd love it if he got stronger and could man the one tech, just not sure he's even built for it.    Brooks - most profiles question his run support, or play or play strength in general when not one gapping. So he's definitely not a year one NT candidate. His frame is probably closer to NT though, but he'd need to add 20lbs. If he makes the roster, which is an IF, he'll likely be an iDL pass rush specialists, which is what he excelled at in Cinci.   And overall, I'd say Williams is currently in the driver seat for NT backup. Given NT itself is a devalued position in the NFL, and really only sees time on early and short yardage downs, just not sure there is even a need for another true NT option. 
    • Dude, complimenting an Indy QB doesn't translate to Reich = good lol. You want to credit Reich with all kinds of degrees of separation, yet when something goes wrong, the player is to blame lol...  You want to forget that Indy has a good OL (not last season) that made our QBs lives easier. Or the conservative short scheme that drives up completion % and decreases INTs....    Keep fluffin'  
    • So…. At the 3T, we have DeFo…. And both Dayo and Tyquan can back him up.  And now you think we spent a 5 and a 6 on two more 3T’s, Johnson and Brooks.  Five in all.   Okie-Dokie…  
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