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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

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T-Rich injured???


Hamstring according to S.Holder

Say what? I missed something. That would suck, dude was close to his first 100 yard game since his rookie year. 

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Luck is making it look easy this year


first thing i noticed when luck took over as a rookie. not meant as a slam on manning, but luck just looks so natural

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    • I honestly do have the patience of a saint per most of my family and friends lol.    I keep thinking one day she'll start looking at stats and other objective info and form her own opinion,,,,,,  instead of embracing shallow tweets, getting warmed by coach-speak, and falling in love via all the sunshine pumping pro-Colt media heads. If she were my neighbor, I'd invite her over for beers and math.    
    • They still call him that.  But the difference is Brady checks down after he had gone through his progressions.
    • No need to apologize.  I call enough people out on things like that.  Glad to see someone call me out on it.
    • I’d concur 100% with both players. You can’t label PC with a “glass“ designation yet as he has had 3 separate issues since arriving. While alarming with the first issue for a speed guy and a hamstring healing, the other two sound like just stuff that happens as part of normal life problems. I’m not even sure what the stomach issue was, hernia?? The hand break is just bad luck but again, could happen to any of us in daily life activities if we function just the wrong way.    for Lewis, man that is the million dollar question here. Idk what they are seeing, hearing or telling him during this season long odd treatment for him but it’s borderline Deon Cain like concern. At least Cain was a 6th rounder and should t be one of the guys you were looking at to border your program around. Lewis was a 2nd round guy and he should absolutely be one of those pieces you fully expected to use a centerpiece to your defensive rebuild. Lewis is either hurt, poorly practicing, has a bad attitude or the coaching staff has grudge for something he has done during his time here, held against him and being stubborn not to develop him. Something is definitely not well in that arena but what is the big ??    
    • Never a question there.  Anybody coming off the sidelines will be fined too. Either side.   I doubt any other suspensions are forthcoming... unless all 22 video shows more pushing/shoving.
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