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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

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T-Rich injured???


Hamstring according to S.Holder

Say what? I missed something. That would suck, dude was close to his first 100 yard game since his rookie year. 

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Luck is making it look easy this year


first thing i noticed when luck took over as a rookie. not meant as a slam on manning, but luck just looks so natural

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    • If there is a elite young WR in FA I would definitely go that route. Plus a draft pick that would be big. 
    • The Eagles are super banged up! Top 2 WR out now their starting RB. Going be hard for them to score I think.
    • Put me in the camp calling for a free agent WR as well as one taken high in the draft. We all know that it takes a couple of years to hit your stride as a pro WR. I don’t think the team can wait for that. The Colts need to improve at this position immediately, especially with TY showing the inevitable signs of aging, i.e. he’s dinged up constantly. I’m not sure what will be out there next year FA-wise, but I know this: they can’t fix this problem with draft picks alone. 
    • https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/american-football/50448708   Looks like he's not given up on getting a gig in then NFL, but acting like this is getting to endear him to organisations. I can understand that he might not agree with the terms of the workout, but you've got to handle it more professionally than this.    Shame, I really do think he has talent. 
    • Most of us HATE injustice. We saw it with the OJ situation: part of the country wanted justice for all of the times police overstepped their boundaries and innocent people got arrested or convicted. The other part of our population wanted a murderer convicted for killing two people. Both sides wanted justice.         Same is true for police brutality and social injustice. To me, these are individual acts done by individuals and protests against the flag are misguided. It’s saying this country stands for injustice and inequality and nothing can be further from the truth.          We live in a country that provides the opportunity for all people to do well: Athletes, Doctors, Businessmen, Pastors, Actors and Musicians have reaped the benefits of living in this great country.         I have no problem with anyone protesting individual acts of racism or injustice. But to protest the flag is misguided.
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