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    • I've been going over Rivers stats this season and when you really look at them deeply, he just was not very good this season.  He feasted on bad teams and against good teams he was terrible.  I'm going to make a topic that does a full breakdown of Rivers performances this season vs winning and losing teams.  It's just a lot of information and I'm not good at making charts on here but I'm still gonna give it a shot because the numbers are very telling and will prove that Rivers was just not very good this season and when we needed him to play big vs good teams he just coldn't get it done.  I'll leave you guys with just a sample of the numbers that I found:   I'm gonna pick a number that I think most would say isn't too  bad of a pass to run ratio.  60-40.  That basically comes out to 30 passes and 20 runs a game.  Our record for whenever Rivers threw 3 passes to 2 runs was 1-5.  The only win was against the lowly Bengals.  Whenever he was below that 60% pass ratio we were 10-1.   The only loss was against the Steelers where Rivers decided that in a game we held a 24-7 lead in the 2nd half, he needed to finish that game throwing 23 passes to 3 runs...    Let's break it down even more.  Let's make it an even 50/50 run vs pass split.  In those scenarios we were 4-6 in games where we even let Rivers throw it 1 more time than we ran it (Bengals & 2 fortunate Texans wins make up 3 of those wins).  Both teams picking in top 6.  Only win against a good team where we threw it more than we passed it was first Titans game.  That means that we finished 7-0 in games where we ran it more than we passed it.   In other words, Rivers was nothing more than a game manager.  He could beat teams like the Bengals, Texans, and Titans on a short week throwing it more than we ran it.  But when we needed him to carry us and beat a good team he just couldn't do it.  Unfortunately, Rivers couldn't recognize that.  He kept trying to prove that he could go out and win us games but the numbers say that he just couldn't get it done.    Sure he completed 68% of his passes but the guy couldn't put the team on his back against good teams.  If he can't humble himself and accept the fact that he is just a game manager that should never throw more than 60% of the time vs good teams then he should not be brought back.
    • Good. This division needs to be a dog fight if the Colts win this division they have an even better chance in the playoffs.    Am I the only one who doesn't want the easiest path to the playoffs? This is good news. 
    • I could care less about Brees tbh. Never really cared for the guy that much. Now when Brady retires I can get behind that!
    • Yup, we're honestly not there yet.  And it's not like Brady is wowing people either.  He threw for 199 yds in their win.  That Bucs has a lot of talent.  We honestly outplayed our expectations.  The Bucs have kind of underperformed.  
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