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    • This is such nonsense and you know it is nonsense. Who the hell is Rob Demovsky(an Aaron Rodgers loyalist trying to keep Rodgers with the Packers) and why should I take his opinion on Love over what I've seen of him and numerous others have seen of him pre-draft... and what made the Packers trade up for him. Accuracy was never a major knock on him. When kept clean he was acutally one of the most accurate QBs in college football. It was his  decisionmaking that he was dragged for. "nothing [Love] has shown, at least publicly, would suggest he's ready to replace Rodgers". Now ask yourself what has Rob Demovsky seen publicly of Jordan Love? He's seen NOTHING... or close to nothing since camp. He's seen about as much of him as Kevin Bowen and Stephen Holder and me and you have seen of Jacob Eason... NOTHING. I would bet you he's not seen more than about 20-30 throws Jordan Love has made since entering the NFL and that's in a practice setting.    And since you are calling me out by name for things I've never said I would like to point out that I never said he would be the "second coming of Mahomes". When I'm throwing out comparisons I've said multiple times that I'm doing a stylistic/traits comparison and not an expectation of similar or better success. So yes... Jordan Love plays incredibly similar style to Mahomes, but there are obviously reasons why he wasn't drafted no.1 or hell even no. 10 where Mahomes went.    And one more thing - Jordan Love very well might bust. The reasons for that could be many. Either way... it won't be my first miss and it won't be my last miss. What was the point of that snarky call out though? NFL GMs miss on about 50% of their early round picks and 70-90% of their mid-late round picks... I promise you I won't be better than them and I have no illusions about it. I'm here to have fun and talk Colts and football,including draft prospects.  with other Colts fans. I don't think this type of snark is helpful though.       
    • From Brady’s media availability today:        
    • I wouldn't sweat it. There are folks that are realistic that realize that without a player involved, the Lions will get a first rounder at least for Stafford. Like with Buckner for 4 years, giving up a 1st rounder for 4 years at least of quality QB play, if the Colts feel they will get it after their evaluation of Stafford, is a no brainer to me.    If we are getting Carl Lawson in FA and are rostering Houston, Lewis, Turay and Banogu, I would rather go for a WR in Round 3. We might get a quality one then.  Also, a LB on Day 3 would be nice. 
    • I read that Kansas City is 19 million over the salary cap, so they will have to make changes within the organization. A few top players will still be there, but the team will lose many to free agency. KC might not be as dominant a year or two from now. Also, other teams will eventually figure out the Chiefs' play calling and adjust accordingly. 
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