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Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

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Has the defense ever looked this good?

Still half a game to go, but so far this is the best defense I have seen us field in any game. Ever.    If the offense would stop blundering the ball away this game would be 28-0.


I also say our defense in general is much, MUCH improved over years past, too. Top 5? Probably not but I gotta say this is pretty awesome to watch after decades of ineptitude on D. (Also special teams, which have come a long way in the last few seasons, too.)

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    • Can say for certain, but the guy does have over 12k followers
    • But a guy commented on a tweet about a local podcast saying it was a done deal and he will be a Colt by the end of the week!  How’s that NOT going to be spot on...
    • https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/   That’s the obvious import of the news that a third of the league has reached out to the Lions. A third of the league. Ten teams. For a 32-year-old franchise quarterback who is going to get his wish for a new franchise. The Lions undoubtedly leaked that number to NFL Media in order to generate more interest. Surely, they expected to hear from more than 10 teams — especially since calls always get made when a key veteran player is available as part of the normal due diligence process.     all about perspective, we are here thinking 10 teams inquiring is a lot, Detroit thought it would be more.
    • Because Taylor was a rookie and Hines and Wilkins are not starter material.  Hines has a career year and that didn’t all happen in the last 8 weeks of the season when he lost carries to Taylor.  That’s why they struggled, not because the line took a step back.  It was a running back issue which is why you didn’t see the translation to the pass blocking.     Week one was because Mack got hurt in the game and it completely changed the game plan plus Frank went pass happy for some reason in that game, again probably due to losing Mack.  Frank also didn’t turn to Taylor in that game he turned to Hines and see my point above about Hines not being on Taylor and Mack’s level.     I mean think about the argument for the line regressed.  They only regressed in run blocking for about half the year but yet improved in pass protection and then magically remembered how to run block at the same time the rookie running back figured out the NFL.  That’s awfully convenient timing.  The more reasonable explanation is that they lost their starting running back in the first game of the season and the rookie running back was struggling with the speed of the game and the backup running backs while having good years for them were still not starter material.  
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