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    • Lol. The player not performing got him the contract? I will assume you meant the player got CUT for not performing. That too is inaccurate. Haven't you seen the many times when players perform well and they get cut anyway? It happens all the time.    A contract is a contract. If you believe one party is expected to honor it, then the other should too.   (Yes, I know the business of football does not work that way.)
    • As mentioned, you could see him get a little better through the year..... he was very close on getting 3-4 more sacks more   I think he will take another step this year to get more pressures and sacks, as well as getting more opportunities as we have another DE on the line that will have to be accounted for...... It should help Paye to not get chipped as much   I am guessing 8 or 9 sacks , with a large increase in pressures    
    • They should pay Taylor if he’s healthy.   They paid Hines early and you can’t have Taylor making less than the RB2 when he is eligible to get a big extension. 
    • I am taking a wait and see on Dayo   He will get some excellent coaching and has had an opportunity to build some strength   He is not a first round pick, just a kid that had the unteachable measurables that CB is seeking in all of his early picks   Last year was a throw away year for him, as he wasnt 100%   I am hopeful that he can pick it up   He may be our long term big end, or even 3 tech as he adds a little weight and skill     Dont give up yet 
    • Said all along many made mistakes in this draft with Patterson selected as the 1st pick and Sloter as the last starting QB picked, should have been reversed and not sure what many were thinking honestly. NOW Patterson gets cut by Michigan and signed by New Orleans to be Sloter's backup.....   Kyle Lauletta  Pitt's starting QB to start the season was also cut and picked up to be N.J.'s 3rd string QB.
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