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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Texans Thursday Night Football Game Thread

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We just gave the Texans an 'easy' touchdown,  Fitzpatrick 5-yard TD pass to Andre Johnson. Now Colts 24-7. Colts defender really was going for the INT opposite AJ.

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Love how guys celebrate like theyve won the superbowl but in reality theyre getting smashed

its the texans...its probably all they'll have 

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    • Ballard says he wants 8 DL to keep his front 4 fresh all game long.   So this is basic math.   We typically have had 10 DL on the roster which used to be 53 and is now 55.    We typically dress 8.   That leaves room for the starting front four and all their backups to make 8.   What good does it do to not dress Day?  If Stewart gets hurt in a game, who steps in for him?   You have the backup standing on the sidelines not dressed.  Even MORE to the point,  if Stewart simply gets tired and needs a breather, his backup is not dressed.   This isn’t complicated.  Why are you trying to make this hard? 
    • No I wouldn't pay 20 million for a guard.  I don't care if he is a future shop of f amer or not. Plus,  I think with the way they build this cover 2 zone style D, it is easier to replace the WLB position.  
    • What facts did you disagree with?   That you get what you Kay for.    If that we’re true, free agency would be the proven cure-all to problems, because most free agents get seriously paid.   Yet it’s widely reported that most free agent buys don’t pay off.  They give teams a very poor rate of return on the investment.     I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.   Yet you ignore it.   Ballard has been saying thus since the day he walked on the door.  So Ballard has been shopping in the mid-priced and discount isles and building a great team around the draft where players are discounted.   You get much better bang for the buck in the draft.  The opposite of you get what you pay for.     These are facts, Doug...    you ignore them.   All the time.   As to Day and Grover, if we dress eight, and he’s the backup to Stewart, then he dresses.  How much he plays is the question.   
    • The info about Q came from Q when we drafted him.   He said he wanted to be drafted by the Colts.   He said his i I stents live in Indiana and part of the reason he wanted to be a Colt is so his intents could easily come and see him play.      If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but the info from the link is when he was a freshman at Notre Dame.  Long time ago.  I appreciate that it corrects my comment that Q comes from Indiana.  So I stand corrected on that.  Thanks. 
    • These are exactly the kind of guys Ballard has talked about drafting and keeping for years.  These are guys he means when he says things like “bills come due”
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