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Top 5 Head Coaches You Feel Are Most On The Hot Seat?


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This is my list, from top to bottom. (Feel free to suggest if the Colts decide to claim one of them).

1.) Andy Reid (Eagles) - One word: Inconsistency. Despite all the free agent acquisitions, this team looks pathetic. If anything, the Eagles are doing WORSE without Donovan McNabb! Philly fans want change. The Philly organization has given Andy Reid plenty of chances. It's time to move on. With all the free agent acquisitions, Philly was gambling on a winning season. Reid has failed them.

2.) Jack Del Rio (Jaguars) - Fans are sick of him. More often than not, his team has been feeding at the bottom of the AFC South barrel. This season without Peyton was a great opportunity for him to step up and claim at least the #2 ranked spot in the division, but instead, even the Titans with all their personnel changes are overpowering him! The Titans are 3 games up on the Jaguars. That's inexcusable. Yes, he's working with a rookie quarterback, but so are the Bengals! Considering the weakness of our division, it's pathetic his team is at where they are now.

3.) Tony Sparano (Dolphins) - I think everyone sees this one coming. Even Tony knows it, as indicated by some of his post-game comments. Yes, a lot of his losses have been close games, and yes, at least his team has wins under their belt, but Miami's top brass is tired of losing. They've endured enough of that in seasons past. No more. It doesn't help that Tony was voted as one of the worst head coaches to play for with all his yelling and sideline antics.

4.) Jim Caldwell (Colts) - Only reason he isn't #1 is because I'm not convinced Indy will fire him, unfortunately. Not having Peyton Manning means he has some excuse for his poor showing, and the Indy organization does not like to admit personnel and draft mistakes, so they may keep him to save face and hope consistency is better than change.

5.) Norv Turner (Chargers; My surprise pick) - After today's loss against Tim Tebow's Broncos, the Chargers may not make the playoffs. For unknown reasons, Phillip Rivers is also uncharacteristically struggling. Even the pathetic Kansas City Chiefs without their star RB (and now QB) are tied with the Chargers! The Chargers should have the talent to at least reach the playoffs, but instead they may be watching the playoffs from their couches!

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Coaches on the hot seat in no particular order:


Sporano (though the team is playing better as of late)



I've heard grumblings about Raheem Morris

Del Rio

Haley was on the hot seat, but his team is playing better as of late just like the Dolphins

I've heard grumblings about Lezlie Frazier

Shurmer hasn't done much in Cleveland

Shanahan is killing the Redkins

Pete Carroll needs to leave the NFL and never return

Wow, that's a big list haha

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Really HOT SET

1. Del Rio

2. Reid

3. Caldwell

4. Spanuolo

5. Sparano



6. Turner

7. Shannahan

8. Frazier

9. Haley

10. Whisenhunt



11. Gailey

12. Carrol

13. Morris

14. Shurmur


Warm Seat

15. Coughlin

16. Kubiak


Good for now, but next could be their last

17. Schwartz

18. Lovie Smith

19. Rivera

20. Munchak

21. Garrett

22. Lewis

23. Fox


SAFE -- this one not in order

24. JO Harbaugh

25. Ryan

26. McCarthy

27. Tomlin

28. JIM Harbaugh

29. Belicheck

30. Payton

31. Mike Smith

32. Hue Jackson

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Jason La Canfora:


If the Colts go 0-16 it's going to be awfully difficult to bring back Jim Caldwell, as much as the Polians have told people they don't intend to make a coaching move. The standings could dictate that one be made (I have a hard time seeing owner Jim Irsay parting with the management team of Bill and Chris Polian)

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HOT Seat


1. Jim Caldwell

2. Tony Sparano

3. Norv Turner

4. Jack Del Rio



1. Andy Reid

2. Pat Shurmur

3. Leslie Frazier

4. Mike Shanahan

That's about it..Caldwell and Sparano are definitely getting fired. I would think Norv Turner and Jack Del Rio would get fired but they should have been fired a while ago. Andy Reid maybe but I doubt it. There will only be 4 coach firings.

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It's pretty much being talked about by all the sports reporters that Turner is toast. I'm ready for him to be gone. He took things as far as he can and there's just something not right about his coaching that keeps producing the same issues over and over and over.

It's too bad.... I actually thought they'd win the AFC this year with such a fairly easy road in the AFC West.

They have a really good core of players.... maybe someone else can get it done.

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According to ESPN, you can scratch Del Rio off the list because he has been fired. My top five are:

Jim Caldwell (Colts) - His likely firing is trending upward. Should be the next to go.

Norv Turner (Chargers) - Some sources say the decision has already been made.

Steve Spagnuolo (Rams) - Would make a heck of a DC for the Colts if he was available.

Tony Sparano (Dolphins) - The mini win streak was not enough to save his job.

Andy Reid (Eagles) - I'm wavering on this one because the Eagles front office is still supportive decline this bad season.

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