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Robert Mathis Extension Details

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Definitely seems to be a Colts friendly deal.  At least it doesn't appear to be guaranteed against injury or skill (which I dont' see why the Colts would do that for a contract year in which the guy will be 35).  He gets $1.5 million on the 5th day of the league year, $3.5 million base with a $1 million in incentives based on number of sacks. 


Glad that we've made it possible for him to retire a Colt.  I hope he does.

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I am pleased to see that Colts management & Robert Mathis saw eye to eye here. That's what I admire about Jim Irsay. He takes care of players who produce on the field which motivates other up & coming superstars to produce & do spectacular things on game day. 


It's nice to see Mathis retire as as 1 of the best Colts pass rushers we have ever had. I miss you Robert. You're a phenomenal QB annihilator man! I love watching you work & take games over. It's incredible to see you play at such a high caliber level even now. 


Congratulations Robert. You earn every dime & you get & then some. 

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They converted his 2015 March roster bonus to a per game roster bonus. In other words, he gets paid to be on the field. And since he hasn't played this year, those bonuses are unlikely to be earned, and don't count against the cap going into the season. And then his sack incentives in 2016 will be unlikely to be earned if he doesn't hit 10+ sacks in 2015. 


So yeah, it sets up some flexibility for the team moving forward, and gives Mathis an extra season under contract at 35 years old. I think it's mutually beneficial.

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