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    • I agree that Ballard has been great.   This team is good and even has depth at most positions. Now is the biggest challenge GM's face.   Finding a franchise QB.  Bringing in Rivers was a good gap move.  I won't fault Ballard too much for the QB spot going forward because when you are drafting in the mid 20's, it's not great odds of getting a top notch QB.  Even trading up doesn't guarantee success and requires a team to give up lots of draft capital.   QB's available in the teens and mid 20's in the 2021 draft may be comparable to Eason.  Not sure the direction Ballard should and will go, but it is a tough opportunity.  
    • Yes, but he looked great when he got one!
    • Imagine Eason’s our QB, it’s easy if you look no need for Fields or Lawrence don’t even mention Book. Imagine Lucas Oil hosting playoffs every year.  Woo Hoo!   (sorry John)    
    • That's if you trust "the media" as /i will never forget the ridiculous choice of RGIII over Luck even though if you looked at what each had to work with and net improvement, it wasn't close, let alone fair.  I don't trust the decision makers, if the press disagrees with them, to pick the right candidate. They haven't been fair before.
    • I have been a colts fan forever and have lived through pretty crappy coaches and GM's. I can say without a doubt the Ballard/Reich regime has the Colts pointing in the right direction. Compared to the last(which i blame for the beginning of the end of AL). Ballard is a finder of talent that no one else sees and Reich and staff can coach these guys up to be successful not just fitting a square peg in round hole. Case in point 2013 draft, Bjorn Werner taken by RG at 24, behind him were the likes of DeAndre Hopkins, Leveone Bell, Travis Kelce, Zack Ertz, Travis Fredick, Cordelle Patterson and Xavier Rhodes(which is funny we have him now). I know there is no crystal ball but all I have mentioned did pretty well in college except for Werner. My point is the roster is stacked with young contributors and that D is now a Monster. Can't wait to see when they turn their attention to the O side. 
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