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    • And our resident GM’s here think 9.4m is too much.  Our frugal GM is being criticized     for a 9.4m contract.  How did he come up with 9.4m?  Not 10m but 9.4m.  The GM who comes up with a number and draws a line in the sand and they think he has now over paid for Fisher.  Unbelievable.  Thank god we have Ballard making these decisions.  I can now turn in knowing we have our LT issue in excellent hands.
    • It would be nice to have a quality, true backup X to Pittman. Pascal is a tweener, and IMO, best at big-slot.    X seems to be in good shape, better than Z and traditional slot at this point. By biggest prayer, is that Campbell can stay healthy.
    • I know we Drafted a TE but i'm still hoping some how we get Zach Ertz because he would make our already good looking TE even better 
    • Hope it works out. I personally would have preferred Leno on a longer deal.    I'm better / more comfortable today than yesterday too, but still, lots of questions.    But yes, if it hits, bang! Will look great! If not, it's going to look bad.    I agree our depth is likely better. And we have options of moving folks around if needed as well.
    • Bills, Ravens, and Browns will all be top 10ish in the power rankings. Not saying we aren't a threat, but our D has a lot of questions by itself, then you've got plenty of questions on O starting with the new QB. It's nice being optimistic about all of our questions, but there are a lot of them.   It'll be great if Fisher works out, all the other questions are solved, and we're peaking late in the year. But right now, Fisher is a huge question mark to add to the rest.   On the playoffs last year. Yes, some questionable coaching. We still have the same coach. We did have sack production though. Autry and Houston both played well that game and IIRC combined for at least 2 sacks. We hit the QB rather well that game. And we're without both those guys. It's nice to think Paye will step in and do as well, I hope he does. Dayo likely won't be a big impact this year. And our LT, Veldheer, played pretty well. 
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