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    • The only way that Darius Leonard is not a Colt is if he demands something absurd like starting QB money and is unwilling to negotiate. Chris Ballard would lose all credibility with his locker room and across the league if he were to let Leonard walk or traded him because he didn't want to pay him. Ballard is now at the point where he is has to put Jim Irsay's money where his mouth is. Besides, our owner has never shied away from paying our best players top dollar when they deserve it. Leonard will be a Colt and a very rich man for years to come!
    • The whole thing with Shannahan's system is that it simplifies and makes life easier for whoever the QB is. It creates tons and tons of open throws and usually all the QB needs to do is make a simple read on a secondary defender(or dropping LB). That's the reason why he made players like Nick Mullens, Matt Schaubb, CJ Beathard look good in stretches. That's why Kirk Cousins and Jimmy G, both of whom lack playmaking ability have looked like average to above average QBs in that system. But at the same time Shannahan himself chose to move on from Jimmy G. I just have no idea why he would give up on Garropolo and trade 3 1sts +3d in order to get a QB who in one of the better outcome scenarios will be about what Garropolo is now. I think Shannahan wants more and he knows that with his system AND with added playmaking and running threat from a dynamic QB, his offense will be unstoppable.   Like I said before... he gave up a 2nd and a 4th for the Jimmy Gs and Kirk Cousins' of the world. Do you know who his team gave up 3 1st round picks + for? Robert Griffin III. And he looked amazing with Shannahan before he got hit by injuries.
    • I completely agree with this. It would change people’s outlook for sure. Specially using all the metrics you mentioned. I think what has moved Jones up the board so much was the Senior bowl. He showed how coachable he was and that he can make any throw. Rhule loved him after that week. 
    • Sometimes, I wish GMs could make an evaluation without names involved.   Player A vs Player B - Advanced stats and metrics vs elite competition, supporting cast, X factors, coachability, intelligence, longevity of stats, measurables etc. and then get the name revealed to them as to who player A or player B is after they make their decision in a vacuum.  
    • And this is my belief. The whole Jones was a Bama QB so he has this and that I think is terrible. 
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