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still can't cover TE's. DQ Jackson is a Free agent bust.

Not really, I think they mentioned he was the leading tackler on the team. He's been looking better than McNary, he just isn't great in pass coverage. Once Freeman comes back I think the core will get a lot better.

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We could have put this game to bed there but hey ho,hopefully they will refocus for the 2nd half. I'm still pretty happy overall at that half of football.

Clipboard Jesus is loving the time he's getting though. Need to shake up the D a little 2nd half and find some pressure, somehow.

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It looked like the ball was a wobbler. Every QB occasionally gets a bad grip on the ball and throws a duck. Unfortunately it fluttered right to a defender. Big deal. If you want to worry, consider how how little pressure we are putting on their QB.

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    • I don't care how he tested (especially this year, when all those pro-day tests are under serious question)... I care how he plays and how he looks on tape. Players that didn't test off-the-charts are some of the best playmakers in football - Mahomes ran 4.82 with 30 inch vertical. I'd take him over any of the best athletes in the league making plays on the move. With that said... I don't see Mac Jones in similar light even though they tested very similarly. I don't think he's stuck in mud in the pocket. But I do not think he has enough mobility to scramble when needed. He will be one of the worst scrambling starting QBs in the league IMO.    I like him too. But there are levels to this thing. I like him as a late first-second round QB. I don't like him enough to give up 3 1st round picks + 3d for him. This is my whole contention here. He's just not THAT type of player IMO. 
    • You may end up being right, but I hope that we add some talent here   As a HUGE Ohio State fan....  I WANT Lewis to step up....  He seemed to improve a bit, but, in my opinion there needs to be a talent influx on the DE   I have a recurring nightmare of Patrick M........ getting 30 seconds to throw...
    • Also, just because I'm starting to feel some kind of way about this, Mac Jones is getting short changed these days. He's a really good prospect, and people are treating him like he's an unathletic bum with no arm.   Blake Bortles went #3 in 2014. Sam Darnold went #3, and Josh Rosen went #10 in 2018. None of them were unable to succeed due to athletic shortcomings. Mac Jones tested just as good, if not better, than all of them. (Bortles was actually pretty good as a scrambler, despite his mediocre testing.) I already used the Jared Goff comparison; he went #1 in 2016, and went to the SB in 2018. Mac Jones tested as good as Goff.   He doesn't have super speed or quickness, but he's not stuck in mud. He moves well enough to stay alive in the pocket, and he has enough movement ability to scramble when needed. He doesn't have a cannon of an arm, but his arm is not deficient. He's very good from the pocket, he processes well, not a one-read thrower, very accurate, and tough.    If Bortles, Darnold and Goff could go top five in the last 7 years, so can Mac Jones. Of course, he needs to be better than them to live up to that draft status, but again, their issues weren't about lacking athleticism.    Just saying, again, the anti-Mac stuff is getting a little overboard. I like Fields and Lance better, but Mac Jones being desirable isn't entirely outrageous.
    • I am a little confused?  So you are advocating a less talented edge at 21 than more talented OT?  Or am I just reading this incorrectly?  Because I believe the difference in OT quality and Edge quality at 21 clearly favors the OT.
    • I actually like the idea of trading back into the top of the 2nd and at least getting a 3rd rd pick that would not be a compensatory pick.  IF we wanted to move Q to LT Meinerz would be an ideal choice to pull it off.  That said picking at the top of the 2nd could still have Eichenberg and Little still available to mention a few LT’s.  I would rather go that route still taking a LT then take WR or CB with our 2nd and we have a nice 3rd rd pick to boot.  Then we could move up higher in the 2nd if we want as well.
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