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possible trade


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so just got offered a trade. My jamal Charles for his montee ball and kelvin benjamin.

My RB's are Bradshaw, bell, Charles, Rainey

Wrs are D. Bryant, Fitz, A Hawkins, Boldin, and K Wright. 

Charles is out for now but could be a play in the championship rounds. Idk

Benjamin could be a great receiver but I feel I have a pretty strong wr group. Could do Boldin but is not an issue for me. Charles is my only solid rb but Bradshaw and bell have been performing in this ppr league whole Charles had done nothing and is probably out for weeks.

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I would take that trade..Ball is the featured back in Denver's high powered offense and also gets receptions. Benjamin is a beast that's getting better each week. I don't trust Charles to stay healthy, even after he comes back.


Bell and Ball would be a heck of a tandem backfield, and just keep Bradshaw and Rainey for bye weeks...

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