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No vision. :sarcasm:


The next chapter will include the hilarity of watching so called experts (including fans) do a 180 on Trent Richardson.


2013: No veesion. No Weeggul.


2014: He learnt to see - Day got him sum glassers. Day put him on da juicers. 

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More play action.


I also should have started the Colts D in fantasy...


Got Houston against Giants for one of my teams and the other one is Indy.  Always take the defense that is playing Jacksonville if you can.


At least until they start going towards Bortles.

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    • I don't want to play super aggressive, but don't want to be super conservative either. A happy medium between Reich and Arians is optimal to me. With the creativity of Reid....    @Nickster what did you think about Arians yesterday. His risk it biscuit was great on that one call for a TD to the left, but also was responsible for 3 INTs from Brady. It was basically a Winston game yesterday lol. Brady was just more effective short/intermediate, and in the RZ that Winston.
    • There are ways to work around it and Im about 100% sure Nelson isn't getting extension this year. He will get one next year after they pick up his 5th year option.     Ballard is not a big Signing Bonus guy.  Buckner nor Kelly got a Signing Bonus. Glowinski Doyle and Stewart are the only non rookies to have a SB on the team and they are small.     You can have big Roster Bonus guaranteed and  future base salaries. He is more of a guaranteed money guy, that way it takes away from potential dead cap down the line. Guaranteed future money is just as reassuring when risking injury.     But just for you I am going to adjust both my mocks to include an Extension for Leonard and Smith.    Only because you said you are in the fan club. 
    • I agree with most, just not on TY. He did get open some deep, but he also didn't get open deep at times. Most of his open moments were on busted coverage, or against man vs not so great CBs. He's still fast in general (wouldn't doubt if he's high 4.4s) and that's plenty to get "open", but he just doesn't have the size. He didn't need the size when he was 4.3s or low 4.4s.    And not sure why he doesn't think TY can be a slot. He's got plenty of speed left for the slot position, and his route running would create great mismatches vs LBs and SSs.    On Rodgers, I think he's a bit overly optimistic. I love his speed and athleticism, but his size is a real limitation. He'd do fine vs smaller WRs that aren't physical, but a big and/or physical WR would give him fits in a big way. IMO he needs to work on his body in the offseason. Depending on the team, or WR unit were playing, sure, but the wrong matchup would be scary. I do like him better as a CB than Moore (when he's moved from NB to CB). 
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