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Robinson went right around him on the last drive for 7 or 8 while Werner was still rushing the QB


That's one play. And I believe it was a delay or something. But that's fine. The last thing I'm worried about with Werner is setting the edge. I think he's shown he can do that.

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    • This would be amazing. He has underwhelmed so far but mostly due to a few injury issues.
    • Well that's $19m a season on the extension. Kick in another $1m if you want. I think a $45m check in 2021 upon signing extension gets it done.    Which is it? He won't get what he wants or he is going to get $20m, like you said above?   How are negotiations going to go? Enlighten us.
    • I think Jones has the skills to succeed in SF. So many people want a guy these days who can make plays outside the pocket but like I said Jones certainly has the ability to make a name for himself. I just hope and pray no rookie QB goes to Chicago.
    • Maybe   I think he has really good footwork and on day 1, he will have a strength and conditioning coach in his ear to improve   He may not be able to increase his athletic ability, but he probably can get a bit stronger, which would help his cause   He does suffer from some short arm issues, which is terrible if you expect him to pick up the check, but could limit his ability to keep the longer armed DEs off of him.   Its sort of like when your older brother with longer arms (It was a cousin for me) puts his hands on your forehead and you cant reach him to punch him......     They teach the OTs these days to swat the hands away when the DE uses their longer arms to start a rip or swim move   You can see this on Jenkins tape. He quickly swats away that stuff.... some OL coach is showing him that   Overall, Eichenberg will not be pro bowl, but with some work he is a guy that can develop to hold his own against the DE in front of him. If we end up with him, or 3 or 4 others OT prospects, (not at 21 for the latter group) I am a happy camper   If he gets a pro bowler in front of him, you give him some help with TE and LG, (Sometimes WR)   And you set plays that work some times against the better DEs (Traps)                                
    • I think predicting what he's going to do is a bit premature before we see who they bring in from the draft.  Assuming they get a LT and a nice weapon or two I do think he's in for a big year.  But he's definitely going to need that protection to be there on his blindside as well as more threat across the middle.   If the blindside isn't there then that will eat another player in the form of a TE or RB chipping or helping him out.  If the passing game threats don't improve it will be easier for teams to focus an excellent run game.  I think Ballard gets this done but really need to see what Wentz is going to have around him.  Current passing game threats probably aren't good enough for a top statistical season.
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