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Its been on three drives this game alone and its been 2+ years of the same type of inaccurate throws!


He has a lot of growing to do, and thus far he seems to make the same mistakes again and again!

Okay, that doesn't change the fact that you neglect to mention all of the good throws he makes. He's completed more than he hasn't today. He does have a lot of growing to do I agree 100%, but he's very good whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

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    • Even IF we do sign Houston (I am for it!).........We would have four of five DEs that will be FAs in the next 12 months   Not a great situation   And.... if Turray gets 12 sacks, he will want huge money......   (I dont know if they will pay it)   Our current Defensive End group is one of the weakest in the NFL, maybe bottom 5.   There is really no other way to look at it   We have chosen NOT to address this in FA, which is fine......   That leaves the draft. and really ONLY the draft   Thats why I dont choose to get excited over bringing in other positions early than OT and DE, in the early rounds.   We need to get some decent prospects for DE this year, or we will be in the same situation next year    
    • I could be wrong because I don't follow every team with the same fervor as I do the Colts, but I can't recall Bill Belichick making statements like "You want to raise your own" and "We want to have a sound structure in place where you're producing great talent for the Colts.". Perhaps he has, but he also has the benefit of winning more Super Bowls than any other Coach in NFL history on his side. Right now, Chris Ballard doesn't have the clout to be able to take such a hard line stance. To make statements about raising your own and producing great talent means that when guys that you draft go out and actually produce on the field you reward them for doing so. I don't even understand why re-signing Leonard or Q would even require a 2nd thought. I seriously think that there is no way Chris Ballard can please this forum. Every year when free agency rolls around the forum goes crazy because Ballard is too cheap or can't close the deal. When he is successful in the draft the positions that he drafted (WLB or OG for instance) aren't "the glamour or most important positions" Personally, I think what Chris Ballard has done is outstanding. He has positioned us to be a playoff caliber team without giving up a ton of draft capital or putting the team in a bad salary cap situation. As far as the free agents that the Patriots signed this offseason do you really think signing Jonnu Smith to 31 million guaranteed or Nelson Agholor to 15 million guaranteed were good deals? To me it looks the Patriots might have had to over pay free agents this year to come in and play for them. I think on this subject, we will just have to agree to disagree because like I said earlier unless the Maniac says he wants starting QB money I think the Colts have to and will re-sign him.
    • I totally agree you said it perfectly Houston was ehh last season and believe if he was anymore than ehh Ballard would already signed him already. This is a big year for Turay if he can stay healthy maybe he can have a big year. I believe Ballard has a plan and I'm looking forward to finding out what it is. 
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