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JAX tackling is awful...

I really fancied them to be a lot better this year, but then I thought they'd start Bortles.


Starting Bortles might get their D playing better.  Honestly starting Henne sends the message that the coaching staff doesn't care about winning now.  Who wants to play hard for that?

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One drive, calm down. If he does it the whole game then go crazy, but wait before you crucify the dude.


Its been on three drives this game alone and its been 2+ years of the same type of inaccurate throws!


He has a lot of growing to do, and thus far he seems to make the same mistakes again and again!


And agree - thought all challenges inside two minutes both halfs came from upstairs!

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    • I think they will settle around 4 years $65 mil. or something close.
    • I know. Plus you then have to take a hike just to take him outside. I have a feeling they won’t be there long. He did mention how they never stay settled in one place for long. I understand wanting to be closer to work but having a baby and that big dog it doesn’t seem very pet and family friendly. Something else it doesn’t seem they have planned much for the baby. Maybe she just hasnt showed it in the vlog but that kid is coming soon.
    • Depression is a bad thing..  
    • Jack Conklin got 3/42 last year. Braden has been better than him at the same stage of their careers. + add jump in cap next year Trent Brown got 6/66 last year. 16.5M average. Braden has been better than him. + add jump in cap next year Lane Johnson was the highest paid OT in the league until recently and plays RT  4/72M, 18M average.    Also, again... keep in mind the cap is very likely to explode again next year. 
    • Why is this even a discussion? All the work Ballard has done building one of the most solid teams in the league is starting show. Grigson was gifted Andrew luck and that’s the only reason the colts did as well as they did all those years. His best moves were TY and Kelly but other than that, he did more damage than good for this team. In one draft Ballard managed to pick 2 first team all pros (Nelson and Leonard), sign a first team all pro as a UFA (odum) draft smith, Hines, and turay. All in one draft. Grigson wishes he could draft one first team all pro player in 10 drafts. If grigson lost luck and was asked to essentially build a team all while maintaining success after losing one of the best quarterbacks in the league, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are. In fact, I’m sure the colts would be on the decline for the next 5-10 years. Ballard has been a god send for this team. If Carson wentz can return to his 2019 form I’m sure this is the year. 1 decent draft and a Carson went revival and the colts are going to be right there competing for a SB title.
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