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Manning to Irsay:"I don't need to be highest-paid player"(TAKING PAY CUT) (Merge)


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If you've paid attention to the Patriots FO in the past, you'd know that they care less about paying the most for anyone.

Irsay seems to have that obsession. Wasn't Freeney's contract the highest for a defensive player at the time? Sanders also had the highest salary for a safety.

Brady's hit this year is $13 mil.

I don't think I mentioned the Patriot's FO or any owner in particular. I actually had Dan Snyder in mind at the time, if you must know. And for egos...I picture a couple of others.

It is not another Brady/Peyton battle as far as I am concerned and it certainly doesn't seem to be as far as Peyton is concerned.

Irsay, love him to death, but he is eccentric. It is what it is. That is why he hires others to do the day to day details.

I also would think that most team owners would have to have a bit of an ego or else they probably wouldn't own a football team. It is human nature. :)

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