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Colts Vs. Eagles Monday Night Football Game Thread


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    • How many points did we score in those games?  And how many points did the defense give up?
    • Honestly the game that scares me the most that left for the Colts is the Pats.  The hoody is going to try to do exactly what the Bucs did.  Take away Taylor and say okay Wentz beat us and if you can congratulations.
    • We lost a tough one to the defending Champs.   Disappointing, considering this is at least the 3rd time this season where we've given up a lead and lost a game we should have won to a solid team (Baltimore and 2nd Titans game being the other two.. arguably the Rams, who we had a brief 4th Q lead on could make this the 4th time this season).     Good: -Ashton Dulin and Isaiah Rodgers continue to shine on STs and are making solid plays for the O and D, respectively. -Kwity Paye got another sack.. seems like he just needed to get that first one a few weeks ago and he's doing better at getting the sacks now instead of all those early season pressures which he just missed getting a sack on. -I don't think this was as bad as it tastes right now.  I don't think Reich called a bad game, just about all our major problems are fixable.  We don't have much time to fix them, as we need to run the table or at least get 4 of 5 wins to have a legit shot at playoffs. -Leonard had another forced fumble and was around the ball a lot today. -We forced several turnovers against a very solid team. -Doyle and TY got in the endzone and both looked solid today. -I thought Wentz, aside from the last throw of the game, looked good throwing the deep ball. -Buckner looked like a man possessed late in the game.   Bad: -We turned the ball over way too much.  Hines isn't impressing me much at all this year and that was a bad muffed punt.  Pascal's fumble was bad (should not have happened).  The deep INT to Winfield, IMO, should have been a pass interference (it looked like he yanked Pittman's jersey by the neck before he went up and got that ball).   -Penalties.  Given they didn't call the Winfield INT a pass interference (and a few other plays by Bucs), I thought the penalties against Ya-Sin were pretty questionable (especially the last one -- though, I guess when you play against Brady, you have to expect he and his WRs are going to get benefit of doubt). -We strayed from the run more than I had hoped.  I know above I said I think Reich called an OK game (actually I said I don't think he called a bad game).  That said, when we had a lead, it would've been nice to try to pound the rock a bit more. -Buckner scared the crap out of me when he went down.  Glad he returned, but hope that isn't going to linger throughout the season.   Ugly: -Our defense against their TEs.  Gronk and Brate looked like they were playing against high schoolers most of the game. -Pittman, IMO, had the worst game of his career.  Wentz didn't throw 'perfect' balls to him but at least 2x early in the game I thought he should have had critical catches which he dropped or didn't make a great play on.   I have a whole lot more to say, but don't have much time.  Overall, I think this is a game we could and should have won.  We didn't, but the tape will show almost all our mistakes are fixable.  If this loss happened in week 2 instead of week 12 it would have been much more bearable (oh well).  
    • True, definitely helps to have a top 3 defense lol.  They're no joke at all, especially that line with Vea, Suh, Gholston, Barrett and co.   
    • Teams will only rest if they have playoff spots locked up.     Winning out would be nice but I don’t think it will happen.  4-1 is realistic and will probably get the Colts in the playoffs.  Even 3-2 (loses to the cards and Pats) could get the Colts in but they will need some help.  I ran the playoff machine on ESPN and it’s not impossible but if the Colts go 4-1 they have pretty good shot at making it.
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